Julia Gillard and the Descending Node Eclipses Season, June/July 2011

It is not too late to discuss again the Gemini Solar Eclipse that has just happened (June 2, 7.02, NSW time), because Eclipses work somehow as the transits of slow moving planets, their effect extending backward and forward in time, now and again triggered by the transits of faster moving bodies, or by Lunations (Moon Phases). This Eclipse is also only one of three for the months of June and July, this being the Descending Node Eclipses Season.

The Descending Node partakes of the past, bringing up unresolved issues or karma acquired in the past. It has a descending, inward energy, that may not be propitious for initiating something, but rather to repair the past and look inward. When the South Node is highlighted old habits may prove irresistible, but they should be seen as detrimental to the unfolding of future possibilities.

As I explained in my previous post on Eclipses’ Doors of Perception’ the effect of an Eclipse, when found close to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant ,or any of the Chart’s Angles, Planets and/or the Lunar Nodes, can last for months and, in fact, can turn into a life changing event.

While it is true that an Eclipse will have some effect on everyone, according to the relative position in the Birth Chart, a very tight ‘orb’ of one degree or less to a sensitive point will guarantee an important outer or inner manifestation in the life of the individual.

I have spent some time in the past week searching my data base for Charts somewhat aligned to this Eclipses Season. I have found a few that could be of interest to my readers. My intention is not to forecast specific events for these individuals, but to simply observe how Eclipses, together with major Transits and Progressions, are apt to explain a lot of what goes on in our lives.

I have used throughout a tight orb of one degree or less, and only conjunctions, oppositions and squares between the Eclipses’ degree and Natal points. In each case I have cast the Eclipses Charts for the coordinates of the place more relevant to the person, like Canberra for our Australian Prime Minister, and London for Camilla Parker Bowles. The Natal Chart is always in the inner wheel, while the Eclipse in the outer wheel.

In this post I begin with Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister, whose Natal Chart is closely linked to the two June’s Eclipses, Solar and Lunar.

Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister

Julia Gillard is traversing at present a very difficult stretch of her political career, struggling with passing the controversial carbon tax and challenged from many quarters for her party’s proposal to implement the so called Malaysian solution, to ‘solve’ refugees’ problems. Her approval ratings and that of the Labor party she leads are at their lowest.

Astrologically there are some striking correspondences between the degrees activated by the June Solar and Lunar Eclipses and Julia Gillard’s Natal Chart.

I have used the Midday Chart for Gillard because it is the only approximate time available.

~ Julia Gillard and the Gemini Solar Eclipse, June 2 New Moon ~ Click to enlarge ~

On June 2, the Sun and Moon were exactly conjunct Julia Gillard’s 11º Gemini Moon in the VII House of relationships and open enemies, while the Sun became partially eclipsed by the Moon.

This is promising an emotional time for our Prime Minister, the Moon  representing the seat of emotions, the weaver of feelings in a person’s life, also the home life and the sense of belonging. All her relationship will be touched by this Eclipse, her public image as well as her personal life.

An Eclipse on the Natal Moon might, in some cases, bring heartache and domestic troubles or make unsolved issues from the past to surface (South Node Eclipse). This particular instance may not be an exception to that. With the Moon ruling the Natal VIII House, with the Sign of Cancer intercepted there, a death in the family cannot be ruled out, or some emotional loss.

There are also some positive aspects to consider.  One of them is from Saturn, turning Direct in June, at the time of the Solar Eclipse forming a positive aspect with the Eclipse degree and Julia’s Natal Moon, a configuration that should help to stabilize her life, in the relationship and career areas. Perhaps the much talked marriage proposal from her partner Tim Mathieson may become a reality, Saturn always working to make things more permanent and secure.

A forming Earth Grand Trine between the transiting Jupiter in Taurus (Natal V House of romance), the Natal Venus-Pluto’s conjunction (IX House of distant travel and dreams), and the transiting Pluto (in the II House of financial and emotional security) will remain active between July 2011 and April 2012. This harmonious configuration seems also to point out to an opportunity for change and improvement in the area of close relationships, a greater degree of intimacy, possible liaison or marriage. If the Prime Minister were a younger woman one may even suggest the possibility of children!

An important turning point in her love and social life is in the cards, considering that Venus and Pluto were conjunct at birth, and that, for the next two years or so, Pluto will be forming a trine with Natal Venus, a positive station of her Venus-Pluto’s journey. Because the original conjunction happened in the IX Natal House there is also the potential for a change of mind, a philosophical rebirth, a Saul on the way to Damascus’ type of experience, that could transform her into an all together better, more in touch person, reviving her Scorpio empathy and emotional intensity and integrity. Often this journey is completed at a grievous cost to the ego (Pluto’s stuff).

Politically the same Saturn’s aspect could help Julia Gillard to regain some of the sense of authority and leadership that is essential to her present role. Seemingly leading in the same direction is her Secondary Progressed Moon, by a great example of synchronicity, leaving the Water Sign of Pisces and entering Fiery Aries on June 2, the same day of the Solar Eclipse!

Aries is a Sign of action and initiative, with a well developed fighting spirit. With the Moon progressing through Aries she might be able to fight back her opponents more successfully, while still having to struggle for a while with some powerful personal demons (Sun square Pluto).

Pluto’s transits of this magnitude happen once in a life-time.  Pluto is manifesting outwardly in the barrage of enmity she has recently attracted from both ends of the political spectrum; a power struggle that could even worsen in future months, because Pluto will continue squaring her Sun degree until the end of 2012, while Uranus will get closer to his opposition to her Natal Sun (exact from April 2012 to April 2013). Positively these transits could give the Prime Minister the will and resolution to hold on into her position, or, better, challenge her to a  deep soul-search about her public role and the way she has been  handling the authority she has been given. The Natal Sun, symbol of self-identity, is in the X House of career and accomplishments, transiting Pluto, symbol of personal power, in the II House of security and values, and transiting Uranus, the urge to individuate, in the IV House, the foundation of being and home sector.

A way to utilize a major Pluto’s transit and learn from it is to embrace integrity, the honesty that comes from within, when one is able to challenge oneself.  Pluto-Sun’s Transits demand a profound change of attitudes, to surface from the crisis with a sense of identity one can honestly live with.

We should not forget, while talking about the transits of Pluto on the Australian Prime Minister’s Chart, that, at the same time, Pluto is also very close to Australia’s own Natal Saturn and not that far from Australia’s Natal Sun in Capricorn (in the so called Australian Federation Chart of January 1, 1901, 1.35 pm). These transits indicating a rather trying time ahead for Australia, up to the end of 2013, when the use or abuse of natural resources and political power will be put to the test, the first such Plutonian test in the nation’s history. It is indeed a great responsibility to run the country in times like these.

Other significant transits of this period are those of Venus and Mars, both in the Sign of Taurus at the time of the first Solar Eclipse (June 2), while later, by the the time of the Lunar Eclipse (June 16), Venus will be transiting Gemini, very close to Julia Gillard’s Natal Moon, that she will conjunct on June 19.

At the same time Mars will be still transiting Taurus, right on her Natal Descendant, the Cusp of relationship and marriage, on the Fixed Star Algol, an intense and even dangerous stellar influence. Both close relationships and open enemies can become very relevant under a transit like this. The applying conjunction of the transiting Venus to Natal Moon may soften the impact to a great extent. Marriage or engagement possibilities under these circumstances too.

The harmonious aspect of Neptune to her Natal Mars in Libra and opposition to her Natal Uranus in Leo will return for a while after Neptune will move back to Aquarius, between August 2011 and February 2012. These were some of the most significant aspects at the time of her Election to the Prime Minister-ship, and could still help her to revive her tarnished image, if she could project a more humanitarian and inclusive image of leadership.

A last thought, before moving onto the Total Lunar Eclipse of June 16, something that in fact connects the two Eclipses together and both with Julia Gillard’s Natal Chart.

The Gemini Solar Eclipse occurred soon after sunrise in Canberra, Australia’s national capital. The Rising Sign of the moment was therefore also Gemini, conjunct the Eclipse’s degree and Julia Gillard’s Natal Moon. This meaningful coincidence of the sunrise in the nation’s capital, at the exact time of an Eclipse, being close to the Prime Minister’s Natal Moon, is surprisingly reenacted at the Lunar Eclipse, on June 16, when the sunrise in Canberra, at the time of the Eclipse, will be also conjunct the Prime Minister’s Moon!

~ Julia Gillard and the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, June 16 Full Moon ~ Click to enlarge ~

Apart from the meaningful transits of Venus and Mars, at the time of this Lunar Eclipse, that I discussed earlier, the other major connection between this Eclipse and Julia Gillard’s Natal Chart was already active at the previous Eclipse, and it is that of her Natal Lunar Nodes and the transiting Nodes. At the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse the Sun joins the transiting North Node and the Moon the transiting South Node. The mutual connection of the transiting Sun, Moon and Nodes, at the time of an Eclipse, to the Natal Lunar Nodes in the Chart of an individual got to be significant.

The transiting Lunar Nodes, North Node in Sagittarius and South Node in Gemini, are in harmonious aspects (trine and sextile) with Gillard’s Natal Lunar Nodes in Leo and Aquarius respectively. These transits highlight the relationship area and the philosophy and ideals area of her Natal Chart. I believe that these harmonious angles could help the Prime Minister to find new inspiration in the sort of political and moral principles that could restore some of her tainted relationship with the Australian people. The fact that the Natal North Node was at her birth in the IX House shows how important, for the making or breaking of her own humanitarian principles and perhaps political career, would be the asylum seekers question and, in general, the government’s foreign affairs policies, including the selling of Uranium and the war in Afghanistan.

To conclude, just for curiosity sake, the next Solar Eclipse, a New Moon on the 9th degree of Cancer, on July 1, will fall in Julia Gillard’s VIII House of transformation and regeneration, right on her Vertex, a spiritual rising  degree, eager to emerge into the individual’s life, but often obfuscated by the more ego-driven personality.

2 Responses to “Julia Gillard and the Descending Node Eclipses Season, June/July 2011”

  1. Julia Says:

    Hello, my name is Julia and I have a second house, 9 deg Cancer sun in conjunction with the upcoming solar eclipse and my sun/moon midpoint is at 7.5 gemini, at a close orb of the past June solar eclipse. If that wasn’t enough I was born with an Aries saturn square my sun therefore, I am going through a saturn opposition natal saturn. Consequences? I lost my job after 20 years of hard work and little fun. I have no idea where I am headed. But I feel free and happy. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Julia, thank you for contacting me. Yes it does sound like a handful, but one with a lot of positive potential.
      The Second House placement of today Solar Eclipse ties well with the financial eclipse of losing your job, but implies also a new phase for you (New Moon), when what you value in life is going through a profound transformation.
      You say that yourself that, despite having no idea of where you are heading, you feel somewhat liberated. It seems that you needed an Eclipse and some Saturnine difficulties to let go of a job, and perhaps a whole lifestyle that in twenty years hasn’t made you happy.
      Without more information on you Natal Chart’s placements I can’t really discuss the mid-point connection with the previous Solar Eclipse. That event too, it seems to me, implied a new beginning of sort (another New Moon), the Sun-Moon mid-point showing where you are given the opportunity to better integrate your life path (Sun) and emotional needs (Moon).
      The Saturn opposition Saturn marks always a period of difficult adjustments, especially if Saturn was forming challenging aspects at birth, as in your case. During periods like these life demands that we make financial and practical sacrifices in order to build the material security and sense of achievement we need to feel happy.
      With the Sun in the Second House square Saturn at birth this security is sort of fundamental for your sense of well being, but it has also tricked you in remaining on a deadening job for twenty years! That cannot be good.
      I made reference to part of your comment in my latest post on the Cancer Eclipse (https://livingmoonastrology.com/2011/06/30/a-solar-eclipse-from-the-antarctic-cold/), because I found that, despite all the serious difficulties you describe, you seem to have the right attitude, the best to tackle Saturnine woes.
      I am also a Sun Cancer person and I know how difficult it is for us to move on sometimes, even from very unsatisfactory situations, because of our ingrained tendency to cling on what we got, like a baby clinging to the mother breast. Nothing better than Eclipses to move us on. I have had few personal experiences of that in recent times.
      Best wishes for a fulfilling future, Julia.

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