Weekly Astrological Highlights, May 9 to 15, 2011

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The Moon s in waxing mode, providing extra energy for all enterprise and activities.

Emotionally we may meet the cycle’s first serious obstacles. It is the Leo First Quarter Moon Phase, on Wednesday, May 11, when we will need to toughen up and find creative solutions to our problems, to eventually fulfill the Full Moon’s goal.

On Saturday, May 14, the Moon will enter her Libra Gibbous Phase, a step closer to the Scorpio Full Moon due on May 17, and hopefully a flurry of great activities.


The major transits this week are the ingress of Mars in Taurus, on May 11, and the multiple conjunctions in the Sign of Aries, Mercury and Venus on May 10, and both Mercury and Venus with Jupiter on May 12.

Click HERE to navigate to my Mars in Taurus post and HERE for Readings of Mars in Taurus for all Rising Signs.

And HERE for a sky-scape of the Aries multiple conjunction.

MAY 10 to 12, and spilling into the next week: anyone prepared to get up a bit earlier this week will be able to observe these multiple conjunctions first hand. With Mars close by, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will all be together above the Eastern horizon, just before sunrise.

Hopefully these aspects will communicate optimism and enthusiasm to many people. The  individuals more likely to feel their beneficial effect will be however Aries, born April 11 to 17, Cancer, born July 14 to 20, Leo, born August 14 to 20, Libra, born October 15 to 21, Sagittarius, born December 14 to 20, and Capricorn, born January 12 to 18.

This is Aries stuff at its best, vision, initiative, courage, because the conjunction Mercury-Venus unites the head with the heart, firing the mind with artistic feelings and the heart with understanding, promoting great conversations and intelligent as well as exciting relationships. Mercury and Venus’ conjunctions to Jupiter are also expanding the scope of both planets, encouraging confidence and optimism in the communication and relationships’ areas. Ideal time to feel inspired about writing or art making, because aesthetic feelings are strong, the mind is alert and you may feel more than usual confident in your abilities.

With the ingress of Mars in Taurus and the imminent conjunction of Venus to Mars in Taurus (May 23), these exciting transits could provide the right inspiration for practical activities and business in the near future, and also for more stable and content relationships.

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