Mars in Taurus, May 11 to June 21, 2011

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As Mercury, Venus and Jupiter become conjunct in Aries this week, Mars is leaving Aries to enter Taurus on May 11.

Mars will journey through Taurus until June 21, a substantial transit, significant in the first place for Taurus individuals, or anyone with Moon, Chart’s Angles and/or planets in Taurus.

Also, via opposition (180 degrees) for Scorpio, via square (90 degrees) for Leo and Aquarius, and via trine (120 degrees) for Virgo and Capricorn.

Taurus is a somewhat difficult placement for Mars, planet of action and impulse, because this Sign tends to slow down and ground any planets transiting within its borders, with the need to solidify and make durable, while Mars is all about rapid response and action without delay.Positively the contemplative nature of Taurus could help to tame some of Mars’s restless and fiery nature. After a slow start perhaps much could be accomplished.

Taurus is a Sign of Venus, opposite and complementary to Scorpio, Sign of Mars. For this reason Mars in Taurus is said to be in detriment, meaning weak or in no position of expressing his energy freely and effectively.

Mars can indeed become very impatient in Taurus, because the pace of life and decision making is too slow, conservative and cautious for this lover of speed and risky ventures.

Taurus is also a very personal Sign, tending to take everything in a highly subjective way, finding difficult to let go of the past and sensitive to slights. Mars in the Sign then could cause these resentments to burst to the surface and cause out of control reactions, from very deep places.

The built up of energy will have, soon or later, to find a valve of release. This position of Mars is often associated with emotional and physical outbursts, as well as an increase in earth tremors, volcanic eruptions and other extreme natural events, the potentially dangerous nature of  the Bull of Heaven, when under martial pressure.

The willful nature of this Sign could find a powerful voice in Mars, acting out the will in aggressive ways.

Probably the most notorious individual born with Mars in Taurus was Adolf Hitler, hence much of the placement’s bad press. It doesn’t help to know now that Osama Bin Laden was also born with Mars in Taurus, on a particular difficult degree, aligned in longitude with the notorious star Algol, the severed head of Medusa, connected with murder, mayhem and violent death. While these are indeed negative expressions of this placement, they are not in any way the norm.

Too often, thinking of Mars as the God of War, we forget his role as Nature God of fertility, the spirit of adventure and exploration, the courage to fight and survive. In Taurus this martial energy could be successfully channeled in constructive and practical activities, building, landscaping, gardening, husbandry, wood-working, sculpting, cooking.

Taureans may achieve more and get more done during this transit than in a whole year, because Mars instills initiative and a competitive spirit intent on winning or conquering something, a great change for placid but too often static and sometimes hard to motivate Taureans.

Also practices and disciplines like Yoga asanas and meditation, dance, martial arts, singing, will help to release martial steam slowly and safely, getting in touch with the deepest needs of the body.

Taurus is a sensual Sign, and Mars is the planet of excitement and the sexual drive. Sexual or otherwise physical tension could come out of a transit of Mars in this Sign, and it will need to be appeased either through intimacy or deep tissue massage and hand on healing, intent at releasing negative emotions that have been stored in the muscles of the body.

The challenge here could be summarized as the need of becoming conscious of deep eruptive energies within and finding ways to release them safely, lovingly and constructively.

Mars in Taurus has an immense creative power, transforming what was inert and dull into a lively and fertile ground. In this Sign the instinct (Mars) is to grow solid and permanent roots from which we can achieve a sense of security, and produce fruitfulness and abundance via right actions.

Mars in Taurus is in fact the symbol of the masculine, life giving principle, within the fertile humus of the Moon Crescent. Taurus’ glyphs representing non just the Bull’s horns but also the Crescent Moon, reminder of the lunar nature of this Earth Sign, where the Moon is said to be exalted.

I’ll discuss the aspects formed by Mars while transiting Taurus in my Weekly Astrological Highlights, as they happen. The major amongst these transits will be a sextile to Neptune in Pisces on May 12,  the trine to Pluto in Capricorn on May 20, Mercury conjunct Mars on May 21, and Venus conjunct Mars on May 23.

Click HERE to navigate to Mars in Taurus and Your Ascendant.

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