Weekly Astrological Highlights, May 2 to 8


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The Moon takes front stage this week because no big planetary transit becomes exact at this time. The last significant transits have been the Mars conjunct Jupiter and Venus opposition Saturn, both exact last Sunday, May 1.

The next important transits will happen next week: the semi-square (45 degrees angle) of the Sun in Taurus to Uranus in Aries, on May 9, the conjunction of Mercury to Venus (third pass in direct motion) on May 10, the ingress of Mars in Taurus on May 11, and the conjunction Venus-Mercury-Jupiter in Aries, on May 12.

The Moon is now waxing, after the Taurus New Moon on Tuesday, May 3, reaching her fertile Crescent phase in the Sign of Cancer on Saturday, May 7. For everyone a time of new beginning, with fresh available energy to deploy into professional and/or creative projects. This yearly New Moon in this Fixed Earth Sign marks an ideal time to manifest in practical ways what has been just an idea in our head or a dream in our hearts, because we may all feel a little bit more grounded and determined now.

MAY 3, TUESDAY (and for the duration of this new Moon’s cycle):  this New Moon Day will be particularly important for Taurus individuals celebrating their birthday around this phase, May 1 to 5. This is your yearly New Moon. Take advantage of the Moon’s wonderful waxing energy to start new ventures, leaving the cobwebs of the past behind. There is a promise of renewal here for you. Your direction and goals may not be all that clear yet, while the Moon is still absorbed in the light of the Sun, but they will take form in the near future, as the Moon begins to reflect the light of the Sun back to us, during this waxing fortnight. A harmonious aspect to Pluto in Capricorn could also help you to get rid of outworn patterns in your life, instilling in you the courage and resourcefulness needed for making some vitally important changes.

The energy is right for anything, with the New Moon and Crescent phase happening this week in fertile and productive Signs.

Here is the Horoscope of the Taurus New Moon, calculated with the coordinates of Mount Warning (Wollumbin), Northern Rivers, New South Wales.

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