Venus meets Uranus in Aries

Venus meets Uranus today.  This transit has been active since Venus entered Aries on April 22, and will remain active for two to three more days.

This is the sort of transit that could make us feel restless in relationships, eager to be independent and  to express ourselves freely, ready for excitement, but not as cooperative as some situations may warrant. Uranus embodies in fact that side of our individuality that demands greater autonomy in all aspects of life.  When Uranus becomes involved with Venus, the relationship planet,  a compelling desire for a change of perspective claims our attention, and cannot be denied any longer. A rebellious instinct may prompt us to make a clean cut with the past, precipitating difficulties in relationship that could end up in separations or mutual alienation.

Positively we may be able to openly discuss these things with those we love, thus making some positive steps toward the autonomy we desire, also becoming more conscious of the toxic emotional dependency that can ultimately destroy even the best relationships.

To get closer, when a Venus-Uranus contact is active, we need to create or reclaim our own space. Love in this way becomes more akin to friendship, and rather than sucking us in it can make us more truly ourselves.

This is also a positive contact to inspire love for Astrology and kindred subjects, talks, workshops, readings, or any group activities in pursuit of knowledge.

Aesthetically it could inspire very original and even eccentric forms of art, expressing true individuality and ingenuity.

The people directly aligned to this transit are those born in the Sign of Aries between March 21 and 26, and also Libra, born September 23 to 28 (via opposition), Cancer, born June 21 to 26, and Capricorn, born December 21 to 26 (via square aspect), as well as Leo, born July 22 to 27, and Sagittarius, born November 22 to 27 (via trine aspect). Also anyone with Moon, planets or Chart’s Angles around the first four to five degrees of the same Signs, Aries and Libra in particular.

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