Venus in Aries, War and Peace transits, April 21 to May 16, 2011

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Venus emerges today from the ocean of Pisces, a vast realm of magic and mystery, to enter the fiery home of Mars, a place for initiative and challenges, where the feminine principle embodied by Venus is clad in armor and ready for a fight. Here we experience the feisty aspect of Venus, the more independent, masculine Goddess, for whom love is conquest and adventure, or otherwise boring and expendable.

One aspect that is not often emphasized when talking about this placement of Venus is her highly idealistic nature, passionate and aspiring, therefore also easily disappointed by the realities of love, commitment and the humdrum of everyday relationships. Love inspired by higher visions of freedom, equality and justice, unrealistic perhaps but worth fighting for.

We should also remember that Venus is in her Morning Star phase, rising before the Sun, a time, in her 584 synodical cycle with planet Earth, when she manifests her more outgoing and adventurous side. This phase, in combination with the Sign Aries, promises more honest, direct and independent relationships in the making, and the strong desire for being self-sufficient, producing sometimes an allergic reaction toward co-dependent and close knit relationships.

Living the positive side of this transit could mean a boost of loving and creative energy for the Fire and Cardinal Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), with more opportunities for socializing, dating, perhaps beginning new relationships on the spur of the moment. Instant attraction can come easy when Venus transits Aries, because we respond readily to external stimuli, we are less inhibited and more open to new possibilities, daring to take some emotional risks in order to reach out.

A sense of adventure could lead us into relationships that may prove not so suitable after the first enthusiasm and novelty wear off. Hasty commitments are better avoided at this time, or soon we may find ourselves looking elsewhere to meet our emotional needs.

For well established relationships the transits of Venus in Aries could mean an increase in discussions and arguments, headstrong attitudes stopping us from hearing what the other person is saying. Forcing our opinions on each other could only make matters worse at this time, because Venus in Aries doesn’t leave much room for compromise.

Apart from relating Venus has also a lot to do with creativity and aesthetic feelings, as well as with our value system and material finances. Because Aries is a Sign of action Venus here may prompt many to act out their creative ideas and imagery, making things, or starting something that we didn’t have the initiative and confidence to tackle before. Like with all the Fire Signs the need for self-expression is very strong in Aries. On the financial front there may be a tendency, augmented by the number of planets transiting Aries, to spend freely or on things that take our fancy in the moment. A conscious effort to avoid extremes of all kinds is a must with so many celestial bodies transiting Aries.

I find interesting that, as Venus enters Aries and joins the other planets already transiting this Sign, in Australia and other places around the world, we are now celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, the archetypal Peace Hero, while we also remember the War Heroes of Anzac Day. This is a strange mix of celebrations, that seems to reflect the dual role of Venus as Goddess  of love and peacemaker, transiting the war-prone Sign of Aries.

At the moment it could be too easy to glorify war, with so many ‘just’ wars and bloody grassroots rebellions being fought around the globe. One thing is to remember the men and women who fought and were killed in war, fodder for all wars’ voracious appetite for blood; another thing is to glamorize their role and the role of conflict, as one of the highest manifestations of human culture, as we have been doing since the conquering wars of the Iron Age have shaped our world vision. Too often we forget to remember also the thousands upon thousands of ordinary people who weren’t fighting, but were maimed, killed or for ever displaced from their home land because of the madness and cruelty of war.

When life is felt to be a strife between good and evil, and one is not aware of how extensive the blurred area between these two principles really is, we naturally take a stance for what we have been conditioned to believe in, and in doing so we justify the horrors of war or of escalating personal conflicts, seeing no other way to solve our differences. This is the weak spot of Aries, when its physical and moral courage becomes the servant of conflicts, and men grow to be insensitive to the pains they inflict on their fellow men.

During the transit through Aries, until May16, Venus will come in contact with many different planetary energies that are now moving through Cardinal Signs: Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra. I will provide specific observations on these in the regular Weekly Astrological Highlights feature.

The people more likely to respond to Venus in Aries’ influence will be Aries, of course, but also Libra (by opposition), Cancer and Capricorn (by square aspect) and the other two Fire Signs, Leo and Sagittarius (by trine aspects).

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