Weekly Astrological Highlights, April 18 to 24


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Many highlights this week, with Mars in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra, on Tuesday April 19, the Sun entering Taurus and Retro Mercury conjunct Mars on Wednesday April 20, and Venus entering Aries on Thursday April 21. All this after a fully charged Full Moon in Libra, on Monday, April 18, heavily involved with the active planetary transits in Cardinal Signs, since last Saturday.


The Moon is Full in Libra, on Monday, April 18, entering then her 14 days waning period.

This is the yearly Paschal Full Moon. The word Paschal is the Greek translation of the original Hebrew word Pesach, meaning Passover. This religious festivity commemorates the liberation of the Jewish people from their Egyptian slavery, after God sent ten deadly plagues to the land. When Egypt’s Pharaoh decreed that all the first born in the land be killed,  the Israelite people, warned by God, marked their doors with the blood of sacrificial lambs, a sign for the Angel of the Lord to pass over those doors, so that their children will be spared. This parable is connected in deep ways to the parable of Jesus, saved from  the massacre of the innocents, to later become himself the lamb of sacrifice through his crucifixion, remembered on Good Friday. and his resurrection celebrated on Easter Sunday.

The day of Easter is decided, every year, by the placement of this Full Moon, the first after the Aries Equinox; Easter being the first Sunday after this particular phase.

Since Saturday, April 16, the Moon in Libra has been opposing Uranus in Aries on Saturday 16; squaring Pluto in Capricorn, opposing Mars and Mercury in Aries and becoming conjunct Saturn in Libra on Sunday 17; and finally opposing Jupiter in Aries, few hours before the Full phase (Moon-Sun’s opposition) on Monday April 18. A busy time for the Moon and for all of us, dealing with many different emotional demands, not easy to reconcile. I am personally recovering from a rather intense time that has left me functioning not quite 100%, physically and psychically. I have to put on hold projects I have been working on for a while, having run out of steam, so to speak.

The second major phase of the Waning Moon will occur on Thursday, April 21, with the Sagittarius Disseminating Phase, when we may begin to make sense of all these intense vibes, perceiving the big picture beyond the emotional roller coaster. The Sagittarius Disseminating Moon suggests in fact the opportunity to widen our understanding and to gain a more philosophical outlook on life.

APRIL 19, TUESDAY: Mars in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra today, while Retro Mercury becomes part of this configuration too, because it will be exactly conjunct Mars on April 20. These could be potentially frustrating two to three days for many, in particular those Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn people who happen to be directly aligned with this difficult transits. They are Aries born around April 1 to 4, Libra born October 5 to 8, Cancer born July 3 to 6, Capricorn born January 2 to 5, or anyone with Moon, Chart’s Angles and /or planet between the 11thh and 14th degree of the same Signs.

It easy easy to understand why such a transit could cause frustration if we remember that Mars is eminently a planet of action, while Saturn tends to delay action in order to be better prepared; Mars is spontaneous and instinctual, while Saturn is all about planning and playing it safe! During their contact, in particular the opposition that in itself represents a duality and tension of sort, our desire for prompt action becomes often frustrated and a lot of patience will be needed to avoid anger and disappointment to build up, eventually causing us explode.

Like the conjunction to Mercury-Jupiter last week the conjunction tomorrow of Mercury to Mars will be the second of three passes of the same transit. The first occurred on February 21, when Mercury was still Direct, and the third, after Mercury will turn Direct again, will be exact on May 21, thus covering a much longer period than an average Mercury’s transit. Mercury will also get very close to another opposition to Saturn, avoiding it only by turning Direct on Saturday, April 23.

Both the Mars-Saturn opposition and the Mercury-Mars-conjunction don’t seem helpful transits if we want to resolve conflicts because they rather tends to stress tensions and divisions. They are configurations useful when we want to make a stand and we are ready to defend our position in an assertive and confident way though.

Used wisely this combination of opposing energies could help us to achieve more, the action driven Mars finding practical and viable channels of expression via the Saturn’s contact. The job may be slowed down, but it will be a better accomplished one in the end.

APRIL 20, WEDNESDAY: we are turning another leaf in our book of seasons, with the Sun entering the Earth Fixed Sign of Taurus today, 8.17 pm, Eastern Australia Standard Time.

Here is the Chart for this ingress.

Click to enlarge

The conjunction Mercury-Mars in Aries and their combined oppositions to Saturn in Libra, plus the coming conjunction of Venus to Uranus, and the 120 degrees harmonious angle between the Moon in Sagittarius and Uranus are all happening around the time of the Taurus ingress. This is preparing to be a time for rapid, even abrupt changes in relationships, pervaded by a rebellious and freedom seeking collective feeling (Venus, Uranus, Moon configuration), but also a period for serious reality checks and potential frustration for a lot of people (Mars, Saturn, Mercury).

The Sun, on the naught degree of Taurus, will be in harmonious aspect to Neptune on the naught degree of Pisces, showing the way to better integrating all the various transits through an attitude of acceptance and the willingness to adapt, not usually great Taurean traits. People born with the Sun, Moon, Chart’s Angles and/or planets in Taurus are beginning a 14 years journey during which they will have to give up the more willful side of this Earth Sign and embrace an all together more tolerant and inclusive philosophy of  life.

APRIL 21, THURSDAY: Venus enters Aries today.  A post about the transit of Venus in this Fire Sign is at present cooking in my oven, and hopefully will be ready soon.

Briefly here Venus is now entering the realm of Mars, her rival-lover. Aries is in fact a highly masculine, energetic and assertive Sign, not the most natural place for Venus, embodiment of the feminine principle of attraction and harmony. Aries is a combative Sign, ready for a fight if anything seems to impede its progress, so Venus in this Sign loses some of her natural ability to mediate differences and to seek friendly resolution of conflict. During this period we may actually enjoy having to sort out our differences with people, less inhibited to express ourselves with honesty in relationships, and also eager for a more active and exciting social life.

This Venus in Aries period will end on May16. On the same day Mercury will also move from Aries into Taurus, an important short term cosmic shift, from Fire impulse to Earth stability.

The people more likely to respond to Venus in Aries’ influence will be Aries, of course, but also Libra (by opposition), Cancer and Capricorn (by square aspect) and the other two Fire Signs, Leo and Sagittarius (by trine aspects).

APRIL 23, SATURDAY: Mercury is finally turning Stationary Direct today, after a three weeks retro period (since the end of March). Business or activities that had to be put on hold for a while can be tackled again, with renewed energy and some guarantee of success.  Mercury will be still transiting Aries, until May 16, a morning star, rising before the Sun until late May. For the moment it is too close to the Sun’s glare to be spotted. The first glimpse of Mercury will be possible toward the middle of May, time of maximum distance from the Sun.

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