Leo Moon’s Moods, April 12 to 14, 2011

moon’s moods

On a day of intense planetary contacts, a fresh mood is on the Moon, when at 2.37 pm Lady Moon enters Leo.

Because the Sun and many planets are at present transiting the Fire Sign of Aries, the Moon today will be in harmony with these Signs, until Thursday April 14.

The Moon’s Fire transits will promote exuberance, enthusiasm and high level of energy that can be tapped into for creative as well as business projects.

First will be Uranus on Tuesday afternoon, and then Mars, Saturn (sextile), Mercury and Jupiter on Wednesday 13, and the trine with the Sun, on Thursday 14.

Fun loving and warm the Leo Moon’s mood can help everyone, today and for the next two days, to feel more confident and generous, to give and receive with an open heart, because what goes around comes around. Affectionate and spontaneous expressions come easy, feeling us with joy.

Fully responding to this Moon we may become like children in the playground of life, happy to be alive, eager to show what we can do and create, big with love and passion.

Please navigate to the Weekly Astrological Highlights HERE for more on the current transits.

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