Weekly Astrological Highlights, April 11 to 17


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Mars remains prominent in transit this week, still moving through his own Sign of Aries and, on Tuesday, reaching the 90 degrees angle with mighty Pluto in Capricorn.

After the conjunction with the Sun, on Sunday April 10, Retro Mercury meets Jupiter in Aries, also on Tuesday.

These are also the last few days of the transit of Venus in Pisces, our sister planet entering Aries next week, on April 21, the same day the Sun will move into Taurus.


This is the second week of the Moon’s Waxing Cycle, from the Cancer First Quarter Phase, on Monday April 11, to the Virgo Gibbous Phase, on Friday April 15.

We are gearing up for the Libra Full Moon, this year Paschal Full Moon (the one which is used to determine the date of Easter), on Monday April 18.

The active tempo continues, while this cycle’  first serious obstacles may confront us now, demanding that we take a stand. The First Quarter is always a time when we can embrace the challenge, with the risk of seeing our difficulties stemming only from outside of ourselves however, without a clear vision of our contribution to them. The Gibbous phase will show us more clearly the direction we are heading to, the goal of the present cycle that will be more fully revealed at next week’s Full Moon.

APRIL 12, TUESDAY: the most important transits of the  week are exact today, a challenging 90 degrees angle between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, and a conjunction between Retro Mercury and Jupiter in Aries.

Mars square Pluto: picture this: Mars, the hot and uncompromising God of War, transiting a  fiery Sign like Aries, therefore not at all in the mood of seeking conciliation, finds himself at logger heads today with the God of the Underworld himself. Pluto is a difficult bed fellow for anyone, but particularly for Mars. The latter is all light, all open. With him, like with Aries people, we know where we stand, we are confronted openly and occasionally even punched in the nose, but there is no ambush here or hidden agendas. There are plenty of those instead with Pluto. In fact Pluto can be said to be all about hidden agendas and barely conscious motives.

Positively Mars in relationships to Pluto could work as a powerful agent to bring to light what is unspoken and un-thought, openly activating power struggles amongst people and within ourselves, clearing the air from hidden pollutants that have become toxic.

Negatively the famous s…. could hit the fun at this time, not a pleasant experience! Our own and other people’s deep feelings of hostility, jealousy, resentment may come out and cause havoc. We may feel dominated by others’ forceful and/or manipulative attitudes, while, at the very same time, making the same mistake they are making, trying to impose our point of view onto them, forcibly, in direct or not so direct ways.

An overall significant transit for everybody, this transit will be especially felt by the Cardinal Signs; Aries born March 25 to 29; Capricorn born December 27 to 31; Libra born from September 28 to October 2; and Cancer born from June 27 to July 1. Also anyone with Moon, Chart’s Angles and/or planet between 05 and 09 degrees of the same Signs.

Make sure you stand in your own power this week, realizing your strengths, so that any attempts on the part of others to undermine or manipulate you will not prove successful. Also you will be less likely to be tempted yourself to control others in a less than honest and open way.

The next major transit of Mars in Aries will be the opposition to Saturn in Libra, exact on Tuesday April 19. After risking to blow up with Pluto today, we will have to learn a lesson in restraint next week.

Retrograde Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries. Mercury became conjunct the Sun (Inferior Conjunction) on Sunday, April 10, and today is having a close encounter to Jupiter.

This aspect could be very positive, giving the collective mind more room to move, opening our mental horizons to far reaching ideas, encouraging a more philosophical outlook all round.

Normally lasting only a day or two this time the Mercury-Jupiter combination will have more sway, due to the retrogradation of Mercury slowing down the planet’s pace. This conjunction has been exact already on March 16 and, after today, will be exact again on May 12, colouring the whole two months period with its possibilities.

Because Mercury is Retrograde the effect of the conjunction may be more subtle but also more penetrating today, bringing back knowledge we have already gained from past experiences and that we need now to revive.

This is an important transit for everyone, but the individuals directly aligned with it are, again, the Cardinal Signs: Aries born April 7 to 9; Capricorn born January 7 to 9 ; Libra born October 10 to 12; and Cancer born July 9 to 11. Also anyone with Moon, Chart’s Angles and/or planet between 17 and 19 degrees of the same Signs.


I warmly recommend giving a look at Australian astrologer Ed Tamplin’s site, for very interesting analysis of world events and serious astrological predictions.

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