The Cancer Moon’s transits on Monday, April 11 2011

Active day for the Cancer Moon, in aspect to the numerous bodies transiting Aries at the moment, and also with Venus in the Water Sign of Pisces.

The transits forming between Cancer and Aries are always problematic, because the energies of these two Signs are so different, often difficult to reconcile in a meaningful and creative way. Cancer is all about belonging, the cosiness of what is known and feels safe, while Aries is all about embracing the new and getting out of one’s comfort zone, to embrace what is new and exciting.

The Moon is also torn today between the expansive and contracting grips of Jupiter and Saturn (at 90 degrees from both of them), oscillating between great fears and great expectations of what the day may bring. While a square to Retro Mercury in Aries could cause a battle between our heads and hearts, logical thinking fighting the unreasonable claims of our emotions; a trine to Venus in Pisces, at the same time, increasing our desire for soul enhancing relationships and activities.

The day ends with the First Quarter Phase (90 degrees angle between Sun and Moon), confirming the divided feelings the whole day may generate.

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