Weekly Astrological Highlights, April 4 to 10


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So much is happening this week that I have already covered some of the topics in separate posts. The most recent is the article on the Aries Full Moon of April 4, a call to war? HERE.

The week continues to bring significant alignments worth discussing. Their importance seems to pale however when compared with the week’s rather dramatic start: the Aries New Moon on Monday, approaching a conjunction to Jupiter and opposition to Saturn, the same day Mars meeting Uranus, and the entrance of Neptune in Pisces, on Tuesday, April 5, after a 165 years wait!


This is the first week of the Moon’s Waxing Cycle, from the Aries New Moon to the Gemini Crescent Phase, starting on Friday, April 8.

Life is energized by the growing Moon, fostering activities, enterprise, hope. From the start of the Crescent Phase we become more conscious of our direction, beginning to envision our goals, the same that will fully manifest or fail at the next Libra Full Moon, on April 18.

APRIL 7 to 10, THURSDAY to SUNDAY: the Sun in its yearly cycle reaches the closest possible point to Jupiter on April 7. This is also the weekday traditionally dedicated to Jupiter (from his Anglo-Saxon equivalent Thunor and the Norse Thor, both Gods of thunder, like the Greek Zeus and Latin Jupiter).

The Giant Planet appears now to orbit exactly between the Earth and the Sun (Inferior Conjunction), invisible from view until the end of April. Jupiter will re-emerge in the pre-dawn sky in the month of May, as a welcoming Morning Star.

This yearly Sun conjunction to Jupiter (and later Mercury) could bring opportunities to Aries individuals whose birthday falls between April 6 and 10, or those who have the Moon, Chart’s Angles or planets between the 15 and 18 degrees of Aries.  Taking some risks could now be a smart move, because things are personally improving for you. If this is not the case, due to other circumstances, you could become restless and dissatisfied with your present lot. Even very difficult circumstances can be tackled with the help of this transit though,  transforming them into stepping stones to advance on your journey, a positive attitude bringing its own reward.

Many will have to face Martial difficulties in the next few weeks, at times bringing a very intense level of tension amongst people. The transits of the Sun this week, on the other hand, becoming conjunct first to Jupiter (April 7) and then to Retrograde Mercury (April 10, another Inferior Conjunction) seem propitious to infuse many with a renewed sense of hope and possibilities.

The Sun’s passage from a restrictive opposition to Saturn, exact on April 4, and these promising conjunctions could be a good Sign not just for Aries but everyone, because it seems to officially ratify the beginning of the end of the Jupiter-Saturn opposition that became exact, for the last time, on March 29.

These solar conjunctions will also be stretched in time by the fact that after April 10, Retro Mercury will be still advancing toward Jupiter, the two, small Brother and Big Brother, destined to meet on April 12 (the same day, Tuesday next week, when Mars will square Pluto). And then again on May 12 when Mercury return to Direct Motion, thus covering a much longer period.

The conjunction Mercury-Jupiter should encourage the collective mind to search further afield for solutions to our problems, for intuitive ideas that could shape and improve our future.

‘ The big picture’ are often terms we associate with Jupiter, while the Eagle is the magical animal who symbolizes the God’s power of expansive vision and generosity of spirit, fostering confidence and prosperity. A general boost of confidence may become apparent during this period, hopefully not making us blind to the limitations and dangers still all around us (read Mars, Uranus, plus Pluto turning Retrograde on April 9).


I warmly recommend giving a look at Australian astrologer Ed Tamplin’s site, for very interesting analysis of world events and serious astrological predictions.

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