Nuclear Boy, helping Japanese children understand the accident in Fekushima

Few days ago I found on You Tube this strange Japanese presentation for children, titled Nuclear Boy, trying to explain the nuclear accident in Fukushima ‘s reactors.

We are witnessing here a peculiarly Japanese way to handle problems. Hopefully it might help to appease the understandable anxiety of Japanese children.

The same day, in the morning, I had a conversation with a couple of young girls while traveling in the country school bus to work. They usually do not talk to me, often the only adult in the bus, and they surprised me by asking direct questions concerning the Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. They seemed anxious to discuss these events, after seeing the devastation in TV. They were looking for answers.

Perhaps we underestimate the impact such news have on children, when such terrible images are presented, over and over again, on television screens.

This cartoon clip is just one way to approach a very difficult topic. Children need to be informed without being spooked.

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