Weekly astrological highlights: March 7 to 13


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Highlights of the week

Aries is definitely coming to the fore this week. Mercury will enter this Fire Sign on Thursday the 10th. And, on Saturday the 12th, the long awaited entrance of Uranus in Aries will become a reality.

MARCH 7 and 8: the Moon is waxing this week, from Crescent, on Wednesday, March 9, to First Quarter phase on Sunday, March 13.

The week begins with the Crescent Moon transiting Aries, moving from a difficult aspect to Pluto in Capricorn (confronting some powerful inner and outer demons), to a fiery conjunction to Jupiter in Aries (boost of confidence, irrepressible desire for action and freedom), and finally an opposition to Saturn in Libra (facing facts, reality checks on relationships, action thwarted by obstacles, faith diminished by fear), early on March 8 (Eastern Australia Summer Time = 11 hours East of GMT).

MARCH 10: big transit day this one! Mercury meets Uranus on the very last degree of Pisces, entering Aries less than two hours later.

Mercury here will act as a catalyst for the expression of Uranian energy on the planet, considering that Uranus is only two days away from entering Aries himself.

The transit of Mercury in Aries is a particularly protracted one this time, because, due to retrogradation, our little brother will remain in this Fire Sign until April 24. Mercury’s retrograde period is a couple of weeks away though, beginning on March 30.

Mercury can be considered the broadcaster amongst the Gods, the mouth piece for the other planetary energies as he encounters them. In this case we can expect our verbal communication, our reading and writing to be original, even outlandish today. It could feel OK now to think and talk out of the box, embracing new subjects and novel ideas with ease. Abstract concepts may seem more easy to understand and talk about, including those thoughts we often keep to ourselves for fear of being considered a bit mad!

Negatively the conjunction Mercury-Uranus could make us more nervous, highly strung and impatient, overly excitable and inconsistent too. When this is the case other people may not hear us right or viceversa, each lost in his/her own mental tangents and idiosyncrasies.

Because this conjunction happens between such important degrees of the Zodiac (the last and first) we can also expect it to have some far reaching consequences on the affairs of the world. Perhaps important global news may surprise or shock us today, promoting a different way of looking at life, pushing toward radical changes in the way we think and interact at the collective level.

The birthday in direct line with this conjunction, and therefore more likely to feel its full exciting impact, will be Pisces (March 19/20), Aries (March21/23), Virgo (September 21/22), Libra (September23/25), Gemini (June 19/20), Cancer (June21/23), Sagittarius (December 20/21), and Capricorn (December22/24).

Also Venus, in Aquarius since March 2, will form a harmonious contact with Jupiter today (sextile), transit remaining active also tomorrow. This is a beneficial aspect that could help in the next couple of days to embrace more gracefully the new impulse promised by the ingress of both Mercury and Uranus in Aries. Venus is in fact transiting the Uranian Sign par excellence, Aquarius, thus also ready to accept original and progressive ideas; while Jupiter is already in Aries, encouraging all to be more courageous and innovative, embracing new philosophies with an open mind.

If interested, please click HERE to navigate to my Venus in Aquarius post .

MARCH 12: Uranus enters Aries today. There is reason for excitement here, and also for some apprehension, as this is a very unpredictable and full on transit that could sweep many of us off our feet, only to land us on never explored before terrains where, for a while, we may find difficult to find our way.

Astrologers all over the world feel that what’s happening in the Middle East is one amazing expression of Aries Uranus’ revolutionary energy, extreme but also guided by higher reason and the need to improve human condition.

Uranus is the planetary energy stimulating us to become truly independent, to achieve individual freedom while also acquiring a greater sense of social responsibility. Such things would have been unthinkable before the time of Uranus’ discovery (in 1781),  just utopian dreams sprang from the heads of philosophers and mystics. But they can find expression in the real world now, especially under some of the planetary connections we are witnessing in this second decade of the 21st century. The passage of Uranus into Aries, beginning a brand new cycle for the Awakener, is one of these connections.

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