A good example of Mercury in Pisces’ effect…

In true Mercury conjunct Neptune and entering Pisces fashion (vagueness of mind, mental confusion, etc.) I made a big mistake writing my post yesterday. Luckily I realized it today, before receiving outraged comments from some of my readers!

I did state in the Weekly Forecast article that Einstein was born with Mercury in the Sign of Pisces. It isn’t true. Einstein had in fact the Sun in Pisces, but his brilliant intellect was indicated by a Mercury in Aries, Sign of vision and the pioneering spirit.

It is true however that Albert Einstein used to have visions of his mathematical intuitions and many of his most profound discoveries came to him in dreams and reveries.

One of the scientist I must have had in mind was Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone and eminent 19th century scientist. He had also a Sun in Pisces, and Mercury in Pisces.

Bell was endowed with a very sensitive nature, he was musical and attracted by all forms art. His Pisces nature was also revealed in his compassion. The invention of the telephone was in fact a result of experiments designed to restore hearing to profoundly deaf individuals.

Another great example of a scientist with this Mercury’s placement is Galileo, also born with Pisces Sun and Mercury in Pisces.

Here are the Birth Charts of these three inspired scientists.


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4 Responses to “A good example of Mercury in Pisces’ effect…”

  1. Caitlin Foster Says:

    Hi Paola

    I’m sure all of your loyal readers will completely understand your error and forgive you unconditionally. It’s easy to feel off-the-planet with this influence; I’m sure we’re all a bit lightheaded at the moment.

    I assume you have posted somewhere on your wonderful, most extensive site where Mercury is in your chart and what your Sun sign is, but I don’t have time to search at the moment. I’m a Mercury-ruled Gemini. Imagine how I feel during Mercury retrogrades! That is why I have so much empathy for you with the error you made. It happens to the best of us; you are only human, after all!

    Please keep your wonderful posts coming! I love to read what you write. It’s always very interesting and often inspirational and uplifting. All power to your elbow, as my Irish grandmother used to say.

    Much support from Caitlin xx

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi Caitlin, thank you for that. I felt pretty bad for a minute about the mistake, but I tend to bounce back pretty quickly (Leo rising always helps me to see the bright and also humorous side).
      Being too sensitive to criticism wouldn’t be right for a professional astrologer. We need to be tough in a world that too often doesn’t take us very seriously.
      My Mercury is also in Gemini, conjunct the Sun in Cancer and Mars in Gemini, all happily squaring my Third House Saturn in Virgo! Hence my tendency to get lost in minute details and sometimes lose the plot all together. I often also have too much on my plate or expect too much of myself, I don’t know which.
      I’ll get back to you about the previous comment, when I have a bit more time, and battery power.
      Ciao for now, and thanks again for your support, Paola Emma

  2. up Says:

    Hi ..my son was born on 12th april 2012. from the beginning I found out that his mercury and sun are in Pisces. so far he seems ok..i am really concerned though.

    • Living Moon Astrology Says:

      Hi umpandya999, why worry? All zodiacal positions can manifest either positively or negatively, depending on the soul which is wearing them, so to speak.
      And, by the way, only Mercury is in Pisces in his chart, the Sun is actually in Aries. Both can be indeed great placements, Mercury in Pisces helping the Aries Sun to express compassion, musicality, sensibility, emotional empathy for other people, as well as a penchant for the arts and aesthetic pleasures.
      There could be a tendency to be diffusive, overly dreamy and sometimes not too practical, but differences amongst individuals are what makes the world go round, adding spice to our human relationships, I think. Furthermore Mercury is in conjunction (close) to Uranus, fact that adds inventiveness and a great deal of individualism. While Mercury in Pisces enhances the creative right side of the brain, the vicinity to Uranus helps to strengthen the intellectual left side of the brain. Not easy mix, but fascinating!
      The complete Birth Chart of your son could reveal also a lot more about his character. For instance, is his Moon in Sagittarius or Capricorn? Where I live the Moon entered Capricorn, on 12th April 2012, at 3.02 am, and was still in Sagittarius before that. The Moon’s place will also change the way Mercury will manifest in his life and character.
      Enjoy your Mercury in Pisces son. He is a sensitive if a bit eccentric soul, despite the fiery and self centered Sun Sign. Ciao, Paola Emma

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