Weekly Astrological Highlights: February 14 to 20, 2011

I’ve finally decided to introduce a Weekly Astrological Forecast to my Living Moon site. I have felt the need for such a regular feature for a while. Experiencing all sorts of troubles with my power supply had to put my plan for a time in the proverbial ‘too hard basket”.

Things have improved in the electric department so I begin my Weekly Readings in earnest, on an auspicious day, I hope, with the Moon in chatty Gemini and the Sun close to both Mars and Neptune, regaling me with extra energy, courage and, best of all, inspiration.


Saint Valentine week, Full Moon week, Sun conjunct Neptune and Chiron week, Sun entering Pisces week!

Are we all going to feel more loving and cherish each other rightly? What the Stars say?

There are bigger events this week than on an average week. Here are the highlights.

Monday 14: today the Lunar Nodes enter the Signs of Sagittarius and Gemini, an important, perhaps life-changing transit for anyone with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Planets on the naught degree of the Cardinal Signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra), and the 29th degree of the Mutable Signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces). A new Eclipse season is at hand, and with it fate is knocking at the door and claiming its due. Destiny changing events and realizations are now possible, the sort of things that could well alter the course of one’s life.

The last major Lunar Eclipse, on December 21 2010, occurred on the 29th degree of Gemini, bringing then the life-altering effects of the Nodes to life for these individuals. Today the Nodes align perfectly to that Eclipse, highlighting again the realizations that the Eclipse brought in its wake. A time then for profound discoveries about our place in the world, our relationships and the choices we constantly make, those that can influence the future in a big way.

The transit through Sagittarius (North Node) and Gemini (South Node) will be a long one, remaining active until early September 2012, in turn gaining influence over all individuals with a Mutable Signs emphasis in their Birth Charts.

I’m glad to have started my weekly regular feature on this very day, when one of the Node of destiny is hovering on my Birth Sun, prompting a change of direction.

For more information on the possible effects of the Lunar Nodes’ Transits please navigate from here to my previous post on ‘The Focus’ shift for future eclipses’.

On a different note today Mercury in Aquarius is forming a harmonious angle (120 degrees) to Saturn in Libra, also active tomorrow. This transit promotes serious communication, in depth study and the signing of important documents or contracts. The idealism of Mercury in Aquarius will become more grounded , finding suitable outlets to manifest in our everyday reality. This is a friendly transits, promoting communication between young and old, helping to bridge the generation gap for a time, and also individual gaps among people of differing opinions and beliefs.

Thursday 17: the Sun reaches its yearly conjunction with Neptune, on the 28th degrees of Aquarius. All planetary energies touched by the Sun via conjunction are made more conscious by the encounter. The Sun, with its quality of vision, brings the planet to life in order for us to integrate its function in our consciousness.

To become aware of Neptune means to become aware of the unity underlying manifestation, the identity of everyone soul to everyone’s else, and of all souls to the soul of the Earth, the Galaxy, the Universe. It is an unifying spiritual experience by which we dissolve the ‘normal’ boundaries of consciousness, and experience a larger, more fluid and also more paradoxical world, where two opposite views can be both right, where ugly is beautiful and rich is poor, for example. And also where what we see is not guaranteed to be really there.

Through Neptune we explore the depth of unconscious imagery via dreams, visions, ideals, fascinations with something or someone, aesthetic pleasures and Art. All experiences that can help us transcend the everyday, dissolving old rigid BW concepts in favour of a more inclusive, creative, inspired and colourful sense of reality.

If your birthday is today, yesterday or tomorrow Neptune’s energy will play an important role for you in the coming year. Negatively it might cloud your judgement at times, making you more gullible or more evasive and irresponsible. Positively this transit could help you to let go more easily of your emotional attachments to things and people, or simply attachment to a difficult past, by enhancing a genuinely spiritual feeling of acceptance, compassion and unconditional love, not just toward others but also yourself.

Friday 18: the Full Moon will be on the cusp Leo/Virgo (29 20’), with the Sun on the cusp Aquarius/Pisces. This is one in a series of 7 consecutive Full Moons, from September 2010 to March 2011 to happen on the cusp or boundary between two Signs.

Next month the Sun and Moon will not quite be on the 29th, but late on the 28th degree, slowly returning the Full phases to ‘normality’. Thus the February Full Moon is the last proper Cusp Event in this exceptional series. Perhaps we could breath a sigh of relief.

A round of the mill Full Moon involves principally two opposite-complementary Signs: the ones occupied by the Sun and the Moon respectively; plus, indirectly, the other two Signs at right angle (square) to Sun and Moon.

When the phase happens on a cusp between Signs, there are four Signs stimulated directly, instead than just two, and a further four stimulated indirectly, via right angle. That adds up to 8 Signs, out of a total of 12, strongly coloured by the Full Moon ( two thirds of the lot).

This months they will be the Signs of Leo, Aquarius, Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius, in particular those born early in their Sun Sign period. And, of course, also anyone with Moon, Ascendant or Planets on the last degree of the Fixed Signs or the first degree of the Mutable Signs. This special Full Moon is your gift of awareness.

If the Full Moon is a symbol of climax, realization and even illumination, then many more people will have the opportunity to feel for themselves the transformative power of this phase, as it happened in the past months, when extraordinary mass events affected millions at the same time, in negative as well as positive ways, bringing with them unprecedented personal and collective realizations.

At the time of the Full Moon the Moon will be conjunct Regulus, the Little King in the Constellation of Leo. Regulus was one of the four Royal Stars of the ancient Persians, who identified it with the heart of the Lion and believe it to be the guardian of the Northern sky, a beautiful, bright golden Star, close to the Earth’s ecliptic.

The effect of a Full Moon can be felt throughout the Waning fortnight, until the New Moon in Pisces on March 5.

Saturday 19: Venus in Capricorn is at right angle (square) to Saturn in Libra today, active between Friday and Sunday.  This is a serious aspect for joyful and carefree Venus. During this planetary interaction we may be challenged to look realistically at our value system, our relationships, our careers. Not a time to be overly romantic or idealistic. Rather an opportunity to become more aware of co-dependency issues, of emotional and physical inhibitions that can stop us enjoying life, of the excessive importance we often give to practical matters and responsibilities in committed relationships, at the expense of loving. It could be easy to feel a bit melancholic or lonely under this influence.

For more information please CLICK HERE to navigate to my Venus in Capricorn’s post.

The most important event today is however the Sun’s Ingress into the Water Sign of Pisces, marking the last month (= Mutable Sign) of the Solstice season that began with the Capricorn Solstice on December 21 (end of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere and Winter in the Northern).

The month of Pisces, like the previous month of Aquarius, represents an opportunity for all to become more aware of our collective issues, at first through reason, logic and humanitarian ideals (Aquarius), and now through feelings of compassion and universal sympathy (Pisces). Pisces can help us to become identified with one another, recognizing our common humanness.

This is the last of the twelve astrological months, containing the spiritual essence of the months that have been before.  This period is the actual ground from which the new year will emerge at the Aries Equinox. It is then important to use this time wisely, to reflect on the past and then let it go, to forgive, forget, transcend, penetrate the spiritual lesson, accept, relinquish, acquiesce, to give ourselves a fresh start in the new year.

Sunday 20: the Sun in Pisces is conjunct Chiron, the second major solar transit this week and the first for the Sun in Pisces. Becoming conscious of Chiron means to open our eyes to the need for healing old wounds, or perhaps just accept that they are there, and that they have meaning, they enrich our lives even if we suffer them and wish them away.

Chiron has been defined as the rainbow bridge between our everyday reality (Saturn and all the planets within its orbit) and the realms of abstraction (Uranus), transcendence (Neptune) and pure power (Pluto). In order to become aware that this bridge even exists, vital link between known and unknown, we need to understand the ubiquity of suffering, perhaps in the sense the Buddhists understand life to be suffering and transcending its confines a state of liberation.

If you celebrate your birthday today, yesterday or tomorrow healing will be an important theme in your life this year: physical, psychological, spiritual, all forms of healing, even providing healing energy to others.

For a list of all Transits this week and for the rest of the month please CLICK HERE to the Monthly Transits Page

or HERE to navigate to the Astro-Calendar Page.

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