Natural and political storms, what’s going on astrologically? A New Moon in Aquarius with a punch


On February 3 we all experienced an intense New Moon in Aquarius, conjunct Mars, the God of War, and midpoint between Uranus and Venus (at right angle to each other) and in semi-square to both.

North Queensland has been hit by one of the most powerful cyclones in living memory (while the state was still reeling from the destruction caused by wide spread floods). In other parts of the world different types of tempests have been raging and are still raging, like the powerful Egyptian pro-democracy uprising and the destructive blizzard still going in many regions of the United States.

I will discuss the Astrology of the Egyptian uprising in another post. Here instead I’m considering two Horoscopes, both calculated for the Australian town of Tully, one of the places in North Queensland that were on the destructive path of  category 5 cyclone Yasi on February 3.

The first Chart was cast for the hour the cyclone struck, around Midnight, Queensland Time.

The second Chart is the New Moon in Aquarius on the same day, just about 12 hours later.

Below those you’ll find a picture of both Charts on the same page for easy comparison.


Click to enlarge


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CYCLONE YASI and the NEW MOON of FEBRUARY 3 2011, on one page

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Comparing these two Charts it is easy to observe that Fixed Signs are found on all the four Angles formed by the Horizon and Meridian axis, making those moments more tense, rigid, resistant to change, hardy and tough. Furthermore the traditionally Violent Signs Scorpio and Taurus (often associated with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and even extreme weather) are rising, Scorpio at the time of the event, and Taurus at New Moon time.

The two Charts are really mirror images of one another, with opposite-complementary Signs rising and setting, opposite-complementary Signs on Mid-Heaven and Lower-Heaven, and the all important cluster in Aquarius (Sun, Moon, Mars) at the nadir of the moment the cyclone struck the coast, and at the zenith at the time of the New Moon, on the same day!

When Yasi unleashed her fury on Tully the Moon was at the lowest point in the sky, right on the IC (Imum Coeli), the taproot of every Chart. In a Mundane Chart (one dealing with collective events) the Moon is said to represent the people, often innocent bystanders in time of natural disasters or conflicts. The Moon then in this peculiar position is to me a very appropriate symbol of the people of Tully and surrounding region cowering in the safest, most hidden corner of their home, the IC or cusp of the Fourth House, representing the home and family in which we shelter from the external world.

What a great picture, just perfect for those circumstances! The Moon, the Sun and Mars are also in harmonious relationship to Saturn in Libra, showing how the preparation in anticipation of the disaster paid off, at least as far as the physical safety of the people was concerned. Saturn is the only major celestial body above the horizon, in the Twelfth House, the sector of fated events over which we cannot have any conscious control. After careful preparation and planning (Moon, Sun, Mars trine Saturn) all the people could do was to pray and ride the storm without venturing out (XII House stuff).

In both Charts the Moon, Sun and Mars are at right angle to the Ascendant of the moment, suggesting perhaps the strong physical impact of the event, because through the Ascendant everything, every planetary energy finds its manifestation, and a right angle (square) is always challenging and more intense than other transits.

In both Charts, again, the Moon, the Sun and Mars are also in semi-square to Venus and Uranus, important connection to the destructive nature of the incident, Uranus symbolizing sudden event of a disruptive nature, being particularly important because of its connection to Aquarius, the Sign Sun, Moon and Mars occupied. Venus, Ruling Planet at the time of the New Moon (because Venusian Taurus was then rising), was in the Second House at the moment of impact and in the opposite Eight House at New Moon time, indicating the economic impact of this sudden event, that has left many on the brink of financial disaster.

The planets Jupiter and Uranus, still conjunct at present between the end of Pisces and the beginning of Aries, have been considered responsible for many extreme weather events that have occurred since the start of their cosmic duet, in May/June 2010. This is so because Jupiter rules over stormy weather and Uranus over strong wind events and all sort of extremes in climate.  As I said before Venus was at right angle to Uranus and therefore also to Jupiter, while both Uranus and Jupiter were forming another challenging angle (square) with the asteroid Vesta and also the North Lunar Node and Pluto in Capricorn.

Vesta (Hestia in the Greek pantheon) was the Goddess who presided over the sanctity of home life, keeping  safe the hearth of every house, then the center of family life, symbol of its unity and continuity. Certainly Vesta’s security and nurturing have been severely challenged for the many who had to live through this event. The fact that Vesta was also conjunct the Lunar Node and Pluto makes the all configuration more intense and difficult, connecting it to the latest Eclipses events, on December 21 2010 (Lunar Eclipse) and January 4 2011 (Solar Eclipse).

Another asteroid was prominent during Yasi and the New Moon, Ceres (known as Demeter to the Greeks). She was in fact very close to the cluster of Sun, Moon and Mars in Aquarius, practically mid-point between Sun and Moon. Ceres was the Goddess of the Harvest, presiding over and protecting crops and live stock. Bananas’ and sugar cane’s plantations were wiped out in the areas directly hit by the cyclone, explaining the important role of this major asteroid in the unfolding of these events.

Looking now at the New Moon which occurred in Tully just half hour past Midday, on February 3, we see that Mars was right on the Mid-Heaven of the place, most elevated of all planets and therefore pretty powerful. As we know Mars is connected to highly charged events, like conflicts of all kind, often entailing violence. In this instance he has lived up to his reputation.

For the more Astrology savvies amongst my readers here is a link to an interesting post on the Yasi event, posted by the American astrologer E.H. CAZIMI of ECLECTIC ASTROLOGY. He studied the event in relation to the powerful Lunar Eclipse that occurred on December 21 2010 and its effect on the Queensland’s Birth Chart (June 6, 1859)

If interested in the more general effects of this Aquarius New Moon please check my next post on the Egyptian uprising, an event in some way comparable to our category 5 cyclone Yasi.

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