Focus’ shift for future eclipses

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On February 14, 2011, the North and South Nodes of the Moon are leaving the Cardinal axis of Capricorn and Cancer and enter the Mutable axis of Sagittarius and Gemini. Traveling in reverse motion, as it is their custom, they begin their transit through these Signs from the rear, beginning with the end and ending with the beginning. The Nodes will transit these Signs until early September 2012.

This change of focus means that most Solar and Lunar Eclipses between February 2011 and mid-September 2012 (the time the Nodes will spend in the new Signs) will be either in Sagittarius or Gemini. Eclipses are often life changing events when they fall close to our Birth Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Planets.

A recent example of this shift has been the Total Lunar Eclipse of December 21, that happened on the very last degree of the Sign Sagittarius, a magic moment in the yearly solar cycle when a season ends and a new season begins, on the Capricorn Solstice.

The Mutable Signs, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces, will encounter destiny changing situations in the next couple of years and will need to re-orient their lives accordingly.

The Lunar Nodes’ transits always bring us in touch with the sorts of experiences that decide our future, encouraging at the same time the resurgence of unresolved issues that need to be integrated in the present life. Or we may risk living in the past, carrying the same emotional baggage over and over in recurrent patterns.

The birthdays directly touched by the transits of the Nodes, between February and June 2011, will be Sagittarius born December 14 to 23, Gemini, 12 to 21 June, Virgo, 14 to 23 September, and Pisces, 12 to 21 March.

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