Venus retrograde on the cusp Scorpio-Libra: Ravel’s Bolero and Bejart’s ballet


There are Love and Love. There is the Dove and there is the Serpent

The Book of the Law, Chap. I, verse 57, by Eliphas Levi


A while ago, while phrasing the first short post on the Venus-Mars conjunction in Scorpio and the retrogradation of Venus, I decided to look for a picture to go with the article. Before choosing the Jean Delville’s The Love of Souls I came by chance across the photo (right) of a famous  ballet created by the late choreographer Maurice Bejart using the music of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero (1928). The principal performer of the Bolero was the late Jorge Donn, an Argentinian dancer; and the piece was a scene from a 1981 movie by French director Claude Lelouch, called ‘Les Uns et les Autres‘.

This was somewhat a synchronicity because few days earlier an Australian TV station (can’t recall which) had broadcast a program on Bejart’s choreography that I had found very interesting.The Eliphas Levi’s quote about the Dove (Libra, Venus) and the Serpent (Scorpio) was another case of synchronicity because I came across it by chance while I had in mind to write this post.

Now that Venus is hovering on the zero degree Scorpio, cusp Libra, ready to re-enter Libra on November 8, I would like to share a ballet scene from that movie, because I feel it is very much attuned to the retrograde Venus in Scorpio’s theme.  Here it is.

The choreography and the principal dancer, Jorge Donn, are very appealing, and more poignancy is added to this ballet by the fact that the choreographer, Maurice Bejart passed away recently, and Jorge Donn died in 1992, in the AIDS epidemic.

The whole character of Scorpio, Venus and the mysterious phenomenon of retrogradation seem to me to be fascinatingly embodied in this performance and the real story beyond it. This would make more sense if you were to watch the movie, the touching story of musical families transformed by the horrors and loss of the Second World War.

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful performance and the charisma of Jorge Donn as much as I did.

I am preparing a post on Jorge Donn’s Birth Chart, and the salient Transits and Progressions that constellated his career.

Here is  a preview of  his Chart. An interesting mix of sensitivity and suppleness (Pisces Sun), aesthetic feelings and physical beauty (Moon in Taurus), creativity and showmanship (Leo rising), self-discipline and hard work (Saturn rising and Venus in Capricorn in the Sixth House). I’m looking forward to discuss it in more details.

Click to enlarge

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