Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, war and mayhem, another eclipse season?


A strange thing is happening with the Full Moon: from September 2010 to February 2011 Full Moons  happen on the cusps between Signs, very powerful places of transition, where one type of energy is transmuted into another.

Here is a list of these events, with the exact Full Moon’s degree and minutes.

September 23: Full Moon, cusp Pisces/Aries, 0° Aries 15′.

October 23: Full Moon cusp Aries/Taurus, 29° Aries 32′.

November 22: Full Moon cusp Taurus/Gemini, 29° Taurus 17′.

December 21: Full Moon (Total Lunar Eclipse) cusp Gemini/Cancer, 29° Gemini 20′.

January 20: Full Moon cusp Cancer/Leo, 29° Cancer 27′.

February 18: Full Moon cusp Leo/Virgo, 29° Leo 20′.

Are these signs of particularly eventful times for the world? We cannot tell, but astrological Cusps are always complicated places, where differing energies mingle, causing all sorts of odd chemical reactions, transforming the original elements into something different, creating as it were a new and less predictable medium of expression. It was Fire mixed with Water at the September and October Full Moons. It will be Earth with Air at the November 2010 Full Moon. Air with Water at the December Full Moon (also a Lunar Eclipse). Water with Fire at the January Full Moon. And finally Fire with Earth at the February 2011 Full Moon.

One of the most interesting of these events is the Cusp Sagittarius/Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, on December 21.

As I stated before, in other posts about eclipses (find addresses below*), these phenomena have a progressive as well as a retrospective effect, meaning that they influence the future as well as the past, the period after the actual eclipse, as well as the period before. The length of this period is said by some to be influenced by the duration of the eclipse itself; but astrological opinions differ about this.

So what this upcoming eclipse is telling us?

Below is the Horoscope for the December 21 Total Lunar Eclipse event.

Click to enlarge

I have already analyzed this Lunar Eclipse and the following Solar Eclipse of January 4 2011 in an article about the Major Transits active between December 2010 and March 2011.

Apart from the transit of the Sun and Moon themselves, also other transits that occur on the same day become part of the eclipse itself, infusing it with their particular energy.

One of these aspects is the separating conjunction of Mars to Pluto in Capricorn. This how I described this transits at the time, September 2010:

Contemporary with the eclipse is the Capricorn conjunction of Mars-Pluto, and the forming right angle Mars-Saturn. The first can be an extremely extreme kind of transit, when the youthful and often blind vigor of Mars is attempting to work together with the old god of the underworld, a cunning and powerful bedfellow. Things that we have relegated to the underworld of our unconscious psyche, individually and collectively, will be forced by the sheer muscle of Mars to erupt to the surface, with, naturally, consequences: some radical change of landscapes, literally and symbolically; blowing up of unprocessed inner contents finding their way to consciousness, revealing what we wanted hidden for good reasons in the first place. The contact Mars-Saturn will tend to make the mix Mars-Pluto more tangible, manifesting in actual difficult events (read which Signs and birthdays will be more affected by the Lunar Eclipse of December 21 2010 here ).

Another consideration is that this Eclipse belongs to the Saros number 125. The first Eclipse of the same number occurred on July 17 1163, Full Moon on 0° of Aquarius and Sun at 0° of Leo, another Cusp. This first Eclipse in a series is said to impart a certain tone and character to all the Eclipse of the same number that follow.

The most prominent feature of this ancient Eclipse was a difficult transit: Saturn in Sagittarius opposing Pluto in Gemini. Solid Saturn, when confronted by Pluto’s urge for radical changes, tends to resist them, thus creating the sort of tension that can become destructive. Like keeping a boiling vat under great pressure: a powerful explosion may eventually occur.

A second Eclipse is also imminent and may already affect our collective life on the planet. It is the Partial Solar Eclipse of January 4 2011, New Moon in Capricorn.

Below is the Horoscope for the January 4 Solar Eclipse event.

Click to enlarge

This Solar Eclipse coincides to the day with the third and last pass of the Jupiter-Uranus’ conjunction, this time in the Sign of Pisces. Because of this the long term effect of this Eclipse would be widen our collective horizons, implanting new ideas in our collective brains, that could revolutionize our lives, giving us a taste of the future and of unexplored potentials. Here is what I wrote about this conjunction back in September:

…. Jupiter is expanding the scope of Uranus, offering novel paradigms to accommodate the changes that it is Uranus’ role to uphold. The eclipse will carry the effect of this conjunction into the future, long after the aspect has lost its momentum (read more about the Signs and birthdays that will be more affected by the Solar Eclipse of January 4 2011 here).

Notwithstanding this interpretation the meeting of Uranus and Jupiter has also explosive qualities, that could manifest in extreme weather events, rebellions, revolutions and social upheavals with the aim to modernize society or simply change the status quo.

Also a Sun-Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is active at the time of the Eclipse, with Pluto heliacal, rising before the Sun, so more active. This aspect too adds intensity, suggesting increased Plutonian activity, having to do with the underworld of the unconscious as well as the underworld of volcanoes and earthquakes, the inside of the Earth itself. The conjunction Sun-Moon-Pluto is however not as close as similar conjunctions during recent Eclipses, making the aspect hopefully less destructive.

The Solar Eclipse belongs to the Saros number 151. The first Eclipse in this series happened on August 14 1776, showing a Mars conjunct Jupiter, both at right angles to a Saturn-Chiron’s opposition, difficult transits but not as heavy as the ones coinciding with the Lunar Eclipse of 1163.

1776 was the year the War of Independence from Britain started in America, the famous Declaration of Independence being adopted on July 4 1776. This ties up with the transits active at the January 2011 Eclipse, especially the Jupiter-Uranus’ conjunction, ushering an era of reforms and even revolutionary upheavals.

* https://livingmoonastrology.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/haiti-cosmic-picture-of-an-earthquake/







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