Venus’ Heliacal Rising, Morning Star Phase, end of October 2010 to mid-August 2011


If you look at the Sunrise Chart for today, October 31, 2010, you can see at a glance Venus rising a fraction in time and space before the Sun.

This is the Heliacal Rising of Venus. The U turn has been made, from now on Venus will continue her journey as a Morning Star until mid August 2011.

Venus is however still invisible, this occult stage lasting for about 8 days around the Inferior Conjunction with the Sun, on October 29.

These are the deepest recesses of the Venus’ retrograde period soon to end (November 19). For the moment retro-Venus is closer to planet Earth than ever, stimulating us to look without bias at what we have considered important, pleasant, desirable, valuable until now. In this way we can really sound the depth of our true convictions and feelings.

Venus will begin to visibly rise before the Sun around November 4.

Here is a sky scape of the Heliacal Rising of Venus, viewed through Stellarium.

This is the beginning of the whole 585 days Venus-Sun-Earth cycle. After the conjunction Venus rapidly separates from the Sun and for 260 days will be Lucifer, the Light Bringer. This is an aspect of the Goddess Venus that is often overlooked or even denied in our present culture, where the feminine principle has been reduced to pure Yin, passive energy.

The Babylonians knew her in this phase as Inanna, as she used to incite war and massacre. The Mayas seemed to have followed a similar line of thought, considering the Heliacal Rising of Venus as the most dangerous moment of this planet’s whole cycle.

Relationships that begin under these auspices may be exciting and fun, but they will also need some time to develop into deeper commitments; while some will dissipate in controversies and clashes.

Many know that in Greek mythology the goddess Venus was associated with the God Mars, her eternal lover, who was also her counter-part, expressing the polar opposite energy to her own. In this Lucifer phase Venus is displaying the more martial side of herself, the assertive and war-like feminine of which so little is known in our civilized society and so much is suppressed.

Collectively speaking the present phase of Venus is said to have the power to struck down those in high places (here is a link to an interesting article on the Venus’s Cycle in the astro-lab texts archive), fostering wars and discord.

So we have been warned! While Venus Morning Star can bring renewed hope in relationships, greater social involvement, and a more outgoing trend for all, we risk to lose in the bargain the softer sides of the Love Goddess, the more self-reflective and less egotistic facet of her personality.

Impulsiveness, lack of proper balance, pose, control or tolerance would be signs that we need to rein in the rebellious and feisty Goddess, endeavoring to reconcile her to diplomacy and peace.

Amongst other numerous projects on my back-burner (Mars in Sagittarius can spread itself very thin in someone like me, loaded with Gemini) I have also a half-finished post on the Venus-Sun-Earth’s cycle. Soon to be released…

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