Crescent Moon in Sagittarius and Mars in aspect to Pluto, daily transits for October 11, 2010

The Moon enters the Fire Sign of  Sagittarius at 9.08 am:, beginning also her Crescent Phase today. Feeling more adventurous and optimistic, and a bit restless, we can now start working in earnest on those projects we envisioned at the recent New Moon in Libra.

The major aspect today though is the semi-square (45°) of Mars in Scorpio to Pluto in Capricorn, not a mild aspect.  The semi-squares are always important points of adjustment in the synodical dance of two planets. There would be only 2 semi-squares from Mars to Pluto during the two years long Mars cycle. Mars’ function is to energize everything he enters in contact with, to animate and activate. Pluto, the slower moving of the two, is the one that has been activated. Now the function of Pluto is to show us the simple fact that nothing is permanent, that everything changes and everything has an end. Pluto happens to free us from attachment by showing what really sustain us in moments of crisis or loss. Through Pluto we learn how to be born anew in every situation, how to transform neglected inner resources into real power. Positively Mars could activate the above, empowering us according to our aims and temperament.

Negatively Mars may stir up repressed anger from the depth of our Plutonian psyche. We may do things as if compelled by unknown and difficult to control urges.  The generally overt energy of Mars may become covert and manipulative. Collectively it could result in more than average acts of violence or aggressive control, but also salutary eruptions that will help to clear the air in many cases. It would depend very much on the areas of your Natal Chart Mars and Pluto are transiting at present and also on the original relationship of these two planets in your Horoscope.

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