The Moon with Spica and Jupiter Neptune contact, daily transits for October 9 2010

Today the Moon raises in the East with the Star Spica of Constellation Virgo (Celestial Longitude: 23° 59′ Tropical Libra). This star represents the gift of the ancient fertility goddess to humankind, the ear of corn that nourishes us, the bounty of nature. I consider Spica an Ecological Star of our new age, a reminder of the service and respect we owe nature for her gifts of life.

Just after sunrise the Moon enters Scorpio, still invisible but waxing,.  The Moon will become visible just in time for her rendezvous (conjunction) with Venus and Mars tomorrow, October 10.

Late last night and very early in the day the Moon forms harmonious angles (120°) with Neptune and Chiron, aspects of inspiration, healing and spirituality. To confirm that the tone of this Lunar Day, retro Jupiter has today reached the distance of 30° from Neptune (semi-sextile), a spiritually expanding aspect, seeking somewhat the unattainable.

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