Libra New Moon, Mercury-Saturn, Venus Stationary: daily transits for October 8, 2010

The day begins with a Libra New Moon just on sunrise (for details see Moon widgets on the right sidebar). This is a great symbol for all Libra who celebrate their birthday today and in the next couple of days.

Your birthday itself represents, every year, the start of a new solar cycle for you. The fact that it is also a New Moon, in your own Sign and conjunct your Natal Sun, makes the symbol more powerful. Important turning points are on your plate this year, but it may take a little while before you realize it, because the New Moon is also still a dark Moon, a promise of future developments rather than the conscious start of something. Also people with the Moon, any of the Angles and Planets around the degree occupied by the New Moon, 14° 23′, in Libra as well as the other Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer and Capricorn), could be in for some fresh experiences, the nature of these experiences depending on the character of the Planet or Angle involved.

Mercury has moved ahead now of the 90 degrees angle form Pluto in Capricorn (exact on October 5) and is today forming a conjunction with Saturn, on 08° 34′ Libra. Conjunctions are always tricky because the functions signified by the two planets cannot work anymore independently for a while, but they are forced to work together, if compatible or not. Both Mercury and Saturn are strong in Libra (Saturn is said to be exalted in the Sign of justice and Mercury is in sympathy with all the Air Signs, champions of communication and ideas). Together here they should produce a good outcome, helping the restless mind, embodied by Mercury, to become more steady and adult-like (Saturn). Good day to think more seriously, get involved into important conversations or study, find common ground, settle disputes, sign important contracts or leases, and get involved in all transactions of a practical and business nature. Great also to plan for the future in very practical, down to earth ways.

The negative side of this Mercury-Saturn coin is negativity itself.  In certain cases and circumstances the aspect could trigger a depressive mood, for a short while, also mental blocks and inhibition in expression. Too much planning ahead and fear of failure could stop you from achieving your goals. Birthdays in direct line of contact with this transit are some Libra (October 1/4), Aries (March 28/31), Cancer (June 29 to July 2) and Capricorn (December 29 to January 1).

Last but not least Venus is turning Stationary Retrograde today. If interested in the retrogradation of Venus and her ongoing conjunction with Mars, please surf to my latest posts on the subject: VENUS’ LONG TRANSIT THROUGH SCORPIO

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