Balsamic Moon in Virgo, with daily transits for October 6 2010

This is that time every month when all things come to a close and we are meant to prepare for the new cycle close at hand. This is especially true now for all people with strong Leo energy in their Birth or Progressed Charts (the Balsamic Moon Phase proper began in Leo on October 4). We need to acknowledge all that went wrong or wasn’t properly expressed in the last lunar month, in order to avoid carrying too much baggage from one cycle to the next. And, positively, we can now gather the essence of all we have learnt and has enriched us during this cycle.

Reflecting on the passing cycle we prepare, psychologically, physically and spiritually for the coming one, the beaconing  New Moon in Libra, on October 8,  beginning a brand new lunar round.

Mercury has been in Libra since October 4 and will remain in Libra until October 21, improving the general standard of communication and infusing in us a genuine desire to come to agreements rather than arguments. Its recent encounter with Pluto in Capricorn (square on October 5) shows however that there are, at present, other matters not on the table, but rather under it: secrets, manipulation perhaps, hidden agendas, that may well challenge Libra’s ideals of cooperation, if we cannot be honest about our motives and goals.  Also Venus and Mars, conjunct in Scorpio, since October 4 as well, with Venus very close to her Retro Station (October 8, same day as the New Moon) represent the strong  emotional undercurrents that characterize this astrological period. Libra, traditionally ruled by Venus, will feel these undercurrents very deeply indeed.

It may be a Libra New Moon on the horizon, a Libra Mercury and a balancing act between masculine and feminine energies (Venus conjunct Mars) but there is more here to discover, more truths to be unveiled that what meets the eyes (prominence of Scorpio and Pluto).

The Virgo Moon today adapts well to the Balsamic phase, Virgo always encouraging the process of purification and healing. Great day to get things done of which we have talked about and thought about since the last Virgo New Moon, before the next New Moon carries us perhaps in a different direction.

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