A very active Moon in Libra, with daily transits for October 7 2010

Today is the first of three days without moonlight. The Waning Moon, now absorbed in the light of the Sun, one day to becoming new, enters the Sign of Libra just on sunrise.

When still in late Virgo the Moon begins the day by opposing Jupiter and Uranus, and, after entering Libra, reaches a distance of 45 degrees from Mars in Scorpio, becomes conjunct Mercury in Libra, square (90°) Pluto in Capricorn and the Lunar Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer, ending her busy day with a conjunction to Saturn.

This checkered Moon energy can stimulate great ideas, and also cause mental restlessness and urge to move, relate and communicate. Discord may arise, within and/or without, even full on confrontations for some. The day ends on a more sober and thoughtful note, perhaps lonely, or worried, a reality check after an emotionally eventful day. Positively these Moon’s transits could prove constructive:  from dreaming of a thing (Jupiter), conceiving it in our head (Uranus), discussing it with ourselves or others (Mercury), and eventually transforming it, through proper action and determination (Mars, Pluto), into a tangible reality (Saturn). The results may not be as grand as our morning vision but they will be sound.

Big day tomorrow:  Libra New Moon, Mercury conjunct Saturn in Libra, and Venus beginning her Retrograde Station in Scorpio, a very important moment in her cycle.

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