VIRGO NEW MOON on September 8: final end to the electoral deadlock?

We have been waiting very long to know the results of these cliffhanger elections. Perhaps not too long though, considering that until 8.29 pm on Wednesday (Eastern Australian Time), September 8, the Moon will still be waning, decreasing in light and therefore in power,  releasing proper energy to end things, not to start them.  A New Moon ready to wax into life indicates instead a better time to open a new page in our political book. Hopefully.

At the time of writing, midday on Monday September 6, uncertainty still dominates the news, with Labor somewhat the favorite today. New gossips and suppositions are coming up all the time. Mercury is in the middle of its Retro period, turning Direct only on September 14. This is the most troubling factor, suggesting perhaps that a decision may not be made at all at this time, and that new elections could be the result of the hung parliament.

Today I would like to share some observations I have made looking at the transits active in the Birth Chats of the two contending leaders, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, at the moment of the Virgo New Moon, starting point of the coming lunar month. New Moons always set the trend for the month ahead and readings of New Moon’s transits are often used by astrologers to make predictions.

Here they are, Julia Gillard’s Birth Chart in the inner circle, Tony Abbott’s in the middle circle and the New Moon’s transits in the outer circle. On the left is a list of Julia’s transits on the day, and, on the right, the same list for Tony Abbott. I remind my readers again that, while Gillard’s time of birth is now known (around noon) the time of birth of Tony Abbott is still an unknown factor, making the reading for him less specific.

The time I have used for Julia Gillard in this post and some of the preceding ones is the rectified one of 11.52 am, as suggested by astrologer Alice Portman.

Click to enlarge

What is immediately apparent is the conjunction of the Sun and Moon (together at New Moon) with Julia Gillard’s rectified Mid-Heaven, a good sign for our Prime Minister, the tenth House cusp indicating ambitions and achievements. This New Moon appears to be in most ‘elevated’ place in her whole Horoscope. This indication alone would convince me that she will come out the winner. Of course, not knowing Tony Abbott’s time of birth, we may be overlooking something important happening for him. The same New Moon may well be on his Mid-heaven or Ascendant, who knows?

Continuing with Gillard’s transits I also found that transiting Mercury retrograde in Virgo happens to be conjunct Julia’s Natal Venus few hours before New Moon (12.30 pm on the same day), another positive for the Prime Minister, Mercury ruling her Mid-heaven in Virgo and her Moon Sign in Gemini, and Venus dispositing of her Sun in Libra.

New Moon day will also see the last transit of Venus in Libra, our sister planet entering Scorpio very early on September 9, thus becoming conjunct Gillard’s Natal Mercury in Scorpio. We call this in Astrology a double whammy, meaning two aspects similar to each other and occurring around the same time, so reinforcing each other: transiting Mercury is conjunct Natal Venus in Virgo while transiting Venus is conjunct Natal Mercury in Scorpio.

The transiting Nodes will be in positive aspects to her Natal Nodes, Venus and Neptune, while transiting Mars will be in positive aspect to her Natal Nodes too, all transits showing a positive turn in her destiny.

There are more transits active, of course, but not many obviously negative ones.

To finish with Julia Gillard I feel like sharing a little discovery I made. The transiting Mercury on New Moon day will be conjunct a star called Thuban, belonging to the northern Constellation Draco, the Celestial Dragon guarding the treasure at the North Pole. Now the Dragon is the symbol of Wales, where Gillard was born, and the same star happened to be conjunct Venus at her birth; nice little coincidences.

In Tony Abbott’s Chart we find that transiting Mars has nearly reached the conjunction to his Natal Mars in Libra (exact on September 10). This is what we call a Mars’ Return, an astrological event occurring every two years or so.  The old Mars’ cycle is ending for Abbott and a new one beginning.  Julia Gillard’s Mars, also in Libra, will reach its own Retrun on September 12, so they are pretty close in that. The other transits active in Tony Abbott’s Birth Chart are a mix bag, the best one of the lot being the trine between transiting Neptune and Natal Mars, a ‘dream come true’ type of aspect that has been active throughout elections’ time. Often though this is also a deceiving transit, a sort of mirage that could well turn up to be just an illusion, feeding on excessive confidence and unfounded optimism.

Well, as you know by now,  I am definitely biased in Gillard’s favor, but the transits seem also to be on her side. Tony Abbott, on the other hand, is also going through generally positive transits, nothing too obviously negative for him; the proof is that he has given the Prime Minister so far a good run for her money!

Let’s hope Mercury retrograde (and the imminent retrogradation of Venus on October 8) will not prove to be the spoke in the wheel of the three Independents’ decision making, because, transit-wise, we cannot yet exclude that Australians will not have to go to another Election.

3 Responses to “VIRGO NEW MOON on September 8: final end to the electoral deadlock?”

    • Alrisha Says:

      I do like your style, Your comments make sense to me and are easy to follow. I look forward to more conversation.

      • livingmoonastrology Says:

        Hi Alrisha, thank you for your encouragement. I also look forward to meet again soon.
        Just now I was out in the yard and saw the crescent Moon with a very intense earth’s shadow dipping below the horizon, with bright Venus just above, a striking site.
        Cheers, Paola

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