I finally sit down at my computer and find time to write a few words, after spending two days glued to the television screen to get news of the Australian cliffhanger elections. I am more relaxed now: apparently it could take days and even weeks before an outcome is known.

The positive transits in Tony Abbott’s Birth Chart have certainly paid off for him and the Coalition, while Julia Gillard is already under the growing pressure of Saturn, squaring Pluto and opposing Jupiter, advancing over her Sun in Libra. Bob Browns and the Greens are the new rising stars of this election that has also put a handful of Independents in a very prominent position.

The possibility of an hung parliament, due to the retrogadation of Mercury beginning just before sunrise on the day of the elections,  has become a reality. I have explained this in a previous post and it was also suggested by few notable Australian astrologers, Ed Tamplin and Rob Tillett amongst them. The retrogradation of Mercury often causes enterprises to be inconclusive, decision making more difficult and less clear-cut.  The solution to the quandary of Mercury retrograde is often time and patience, with some re-thinking and soul searching necessary to end the deadlock when Mercury will turn direct again. This simple astrological ‘formula’ will serve well whoever of the political parties involved want to end up in power.

The two major parties have gained just about the same numbers of seats, with one Green and three to four Independents now holding the balance of power.

During retrogradation Mercury will form his Inferior Conjunction with the Sun (with the planet laying between Earth and Sun) on September 3 (close to Gillard’s natal Pluto and squaring her Moon). This type of Mercury-Sun’s conjunction is said to bring new insight and to make conscious things that were overlooked in the past.

Mercury’s backward motion will last until September 12, when it will turn Direct on the 5th degree of Virgo. We should remember that on September 17 Julia Gillard will experience the one and only pass of transiting Saturn over her natal Sun, so the two events seem tied up together for her.

Despite a lot of odds against Julia Gillard being reinstated as Prime Minister of Australia, in these uncertain Mercury retrograde times, I’m still putting my money on her. I cannot get over the brightness of feminine Venus in the evening sky and the fact that, even while conjunct masculine Mars, she is queen of the night, transiting her own Tropical Sign of Libra, against the backdrop of Virgo Constellation, another feminine symbol (her natal Venus was in Tropical Virgo as well).

It may be my own personal preference for a woman Prime Minister, or perhaps the hazy effect of the Sun in opposition to Neptune that I may be confusing with feminine intuition, but I am still siding with Harry, Darwin’s psychic croc who picked Gillard’s chicken carcass over Abbott’s.

A Birth Chart’s Analysis of Bob Brown, the unsung hero of these strange elections, will be posted as soon as possible. Apart from causing havoc in the polling booths, Mercury retrograde has also flatten our solar batteries, leaving very little power-time in my laptop.


  1. Aya Says:

    Isn’t Tony Abbott heading for a fall somewhere in his chart soon? I only glanced over details in passing last Friday. Whilst I agree that the astrological odds are somewhat against Julia Gillard, they seem to be somewhat against Tony Abbott as well.
    I think if we forget the chart for now (just quickly) and focus on Julia Gillard’s natural assets – a Libra Sun (balance and negotiation), Gemini Moon (communication) and Capricorn Jupiter (professionalism and management – not to mention a Jupiter conjunct with Saturn, which in this case I would interpret as someone who makes moves carefully and works to enhance their position) should make her ideally picked for negotiations with the independents. Her profile indicates to me that she is amiable, perceptive and diplomatic. I’m seeing for her today (again just glancing) that she might overlook certain matters or judge too quickly but it should brush off to a certain extent by the end of the weekend. Though looking at her vedic astrology, I see a hostile work environment (perhaps that was at the beginning of the month with the leaks from Cabinet) but a good opportunity to grow with colleagues. I also see an air of change, innovation and revolution about her in the next week with the shift today.
    I don’t know Tony Abbott’s birth time and think this is a big factor in predicting his fortunes for the next few weeks but I’d hazard a guess based on his birth date that he will come under scrutiny in the next week or so, perhaps because of financial issues.
    Of course, that’s just my interpretation and I – like you – am completely partial towards Julia Gillard so I could just be interpreting it in line with my preferences, haha! =D

    • livingmoonastrology Says:

      Hi Aya, thank you for your interesting contribution. For different reasons I have been unable to spend more time on these topics. Even the second post on Bob Brown is still in Limbo, like these elections.
      The media seems to be set on creating more confusion and every day there are new and contradicting headlines depending who one reads. Mercury retrograde is making itself felt; it would be very interesting if it wasn’t for the anxiety a lot of people are also feeling about the uncertain outcome.
      I am still hoping Labor will pull through; in my eyes there are no better alternatives. On September 1 Venus will be conjunct in longitude Spica of Constellation Virgo and will be also in Paran with this star (rising, culminating, setting and anti-culminating with Venus), a positive symbol for the feminine, especially for a Libran woman born while Venus was transiting Virgo.
      Also at the next New Moon in Virgo, on September 8, both Sun and Moon will be conjunct Julia Gillard’s Mid-heaven (using the rectified time of birth of 11.52 am). And transiting Venus, entering Scorpio early on September 9 will become conjunct her natal Mercury soon after; while Tony Abbott will experience a Mars Return around the same time. These could all be good signs for our Prime Minister.
      There is hope, thanks again, Paola Emma

      • Aya Says:

        You’ve got some interesting points. I looked into this a bit further last night – On Monday the Moon trines Venus in Libra and Julia Gillard should radiate an appealing aura (hopefully to the independents). She should have a powerful sixth sense on Thursday and her intuition should be working overtime in the next week (I normally associate such movements with an increased awareness and prophetic dreams). She should follow her hunches. Saturday looks like a day when a former enemy (Tony Abbott?) may want to make amends with her, depending of course on whether she’s willing to forgive and forget.
        If I had a direct line to the Prime Minister, I’d tell her to follow her intuition and do what feels right to her. Her gut feelings are going to be almost bang on in the next week, I think.
        I don’t know though. Astrology is just a hobby to me and I have a tendency to not pay attention to details (terrible habit – you’d think a Pisces Mercury Square Scorpio Pluto would get over that but I’m just a bit absentminded it seems) but I think the next week will be very interesting. Astrologically and factually, it looks like the odds are now beginning to fall in Labor’s favour. I’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed – and willing Julia Gillard to do the best she can. You’re right, there is hope yet.

  2. masealake Says:

    What tells of 2010 Australia historical hung parliament?
    The Australia historical hung parliament demonstrated the big gap of inequality society between the small educated elite groups who get highest pay by talk feast used mouth work controlling live essential resources of the country in every social platforms against the biggest less educated groups who get lowest pay by hands work squeezed by discriminative policies that sucking live blood from poor/less wealth off?

    Voters’ voices do not hear?
    Voters’ pains do not ease?
    Voters’ cries do not care?

    1. Poverty will not be phase out if no fairer resources to share;
    2. Illness will not be reducing if no preventive measurement in real action;
    3. Agriculture will not be revitalize if urbanization continuing its path;
    4. Housing affordability will not be reach for young generation if government continues cashing from young generation debt by eating out the whole cake of education export revenue without plough back;
    5. Manufacture industry will shrink smaller and smaller if no new elements there to power up to survive;
    6. Employability will not in the sustainable mode for so long as manufacture and agriculture not going to boost.

    Ma kee wai
    (Member of Inventor Association Queensland since 1993)

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