In my previous post, having run out of time, I left out a few thoughts that perhaps will explain better my conclusions. In particular I would like to draw some light on the way I have been looking at the upcoming conjunction of transiting Saturn to Julia Gillard’s Sun degree. After all we have just seen an Australian Prime Minister dethroned under the very same transit! How do I think it could instead mean that she will win these elections?

Well, in Astrology transits do not happen in a vacuum, they don’t produce the same effect for all individuals they touch. This is why astrological cookbooks’ interpretations, that give a standard explanation for each and every transit, have to be taken with a grain of salt and considered only general outlines. Those can encompass in fact all sort of different events.

The traditional way to judge the strength and possible outcome of a transit is by looking at the position and aspects, in the individual’s Birth Chart, of the planets involved in the transit. If the planets are negatively aspected at birth they are also much more likely to produce negative results when in transit over some vital zone of the Horoscope.

Let’s consider Kevin Rudd first. In the picture below his Birth Chart is in the inner circle while in the outer circle are the transits active on June 24 2010 when he had to step down from his Prime Ministerial office.

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In Rudd’s Chart Saturn is a very important planet, ruling the Ascendant in Earthy Capricorn from fiery Sagittarius. The aspects of Saturn at birth are a mixed lot, some very positive, like the perfect sextile to Jupiter in Libra (who rules or disposes of Saturn’s Sign, Sagittarius). Jupiter happens also to be conjunct the Mid-Heaven thus providing many opportunities for a brilliant career. Both Saturn and Jupiter are in harmonious aspect to his Birth Uranus in Leo, enhancing his visionary qualities but also a tendency toward self-inflation or believing that everything is possible. Saturn forms however also a difficult aspect, square, to Mercury in Virgo, another very important influence in his life. Not only Mercury is strong in one of his own Sign but he also disposes of his Sun and Mars conjunct in Virgo.

When Saturn completed his third and last conjunction to Kevin Rudd’s Sun-Mars on May 30, he had also turned Stationary Direct just on the conjunction Sun-Mars’ degree, lingering, so to speak, on this degree in order to exert maximum effect on the life of this individual. Transits of the Ruling Planet are also of great importance and cannot be underestimated. At the time of the crisis, June 24, Saturn was just one degree past that conjunction, but by then Mars had entered Virgo as well and was very close to a conjunction to his Birth Mercury in early Virgo (the exact conjunction occurring on June 28). Mars here worked like the perfect trigger for the Saturnine lesson and contributed to make it a very hard one! It is very important to observe here that we are not only witnessing a Saturn conjunct the Sun but also a Saturn conjunct Mars, one of the Boogie Men amongst transits, while transiting Mars was also touching Mercury, at birth in difficult aspect to Saturn.

Looking at Julia Gillard’s Chart and the approaching conjunction of transiting Saturn to her Sun (becoming exact on September 17, one pass only, and only three degrees away on Election Day) we need to remember the position and aspects of Saturn in her Birth Chart. Saturn is very well placed in Julia Gillard’s Chart, in his own Sign of Capricorn, conjunct lucky and expansive Jupiter.

Below is Gillard’s Birth Chart, with the tentative time of 12 noon, with the transits active on Election Day on the outer wheel. Another difference to notice here between her Chart and Rudd’s is that the Saturn’s transit happens in Libra for Gillard, an exalted or extra positive position for Saturn, while it did happen in Virgo in the case of Kevin Rudd, a traditionally difficult position for Saturn (it has been linked to the financial crisis the world has experienced in 2009/2010).

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I consider particularly promising for Julia Gillard the fact that she was born under the historical conjunction Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn, a time traditionally auspicious for the birth of would be leaders. With this I don’t mean that, if she was elected today, the transit of Saturn will not affect her somewhat negatively too. There are always lessons to be learnt and severe tests to pass through when Saturn becomes prominent in transit. Her trouble will not be over for a while; a long hard road ahead can be easily predicted for her.

I agree with Ed Tamplin in his latest post on the Australian Federal Elections that the opposition Sun-Neptune practically exact at elections’ time could mean that many voters feel rather dissatisfied and disillusioned about politics, leaders’ promises, blaming, etc. etc., and a lot of these votes will be lost to the two major parties. The direction these dissatisfied votes will take could in fact determine the outcome of these elections.

It has been an interesting journey for me in the world of politics. I will post some comment after the results are known, hopefully sooner than later (remember Mercury retrograde!).

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