Campaigning against the re-election of a Labor government is Tony Abbott, Liberal leader, staunch royalist and catholic (he was once a seminarian with the intention of becoming a priest). He comes across as a highly masculine man, dynamic, confident, often verbally aggressive or scathing, fond of sport and outdoors activities (Scorpio central influence, with Sun and Mercury, and a strong accent on the Fire Signs, Aries and Sagittarius). He seems the appropriate opponent to the Labor candidate, Julia Gillard, a woman, self-declared atheist and  republican.

This confrontation of sexes, political views and religious standing seem especially significant at present when we are all preparing for a conjunction of Venus (feminine archetype) and Mars (masculine archetype) that will become exact just on Elections’ Day, August 21, 2010. The conjunction will occur in Libra, with feminine Venus strong in her own Sign, while masculine Mars is in detriment, traditionally weak in this Sign, opposite to Aries, Mars’ own Sign. Libra happens to be, of course, a significant Sign for both candidates, with the Sun and Mars in Libra in Julia Gillard’s Horoscope, and Mars and Jupiter in Libra in Tony Abbot’s Horoscope, plus his Moon in Aries, Libra’s opposite-complementary; another wonderful example of astrological synchronicity at work.

As with Prime Minister Julia Gillard, the time of birth of Tony Abbott is an unknown factor, so far. In this case, as with Gillard, I have also used a Sunrise Chart, cast for the time of sunrise in the place of birth, London, where Tony Abbott’s  Australian parents were living when the opposition leader was born. Because I am using a Sunrise time I will not stress the House positions of Sun, Moon and Planets.

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Tony Abbott has the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, showing his determination, love of a challenge and deep need to be in control of his immediate environment or otherwise feel emotionally threatened. Trust doesn’t come easy to a strong Scorpio who thus tends to be often guarded, revealing only some of his real thoughts and feelings to the world. As a Fixed Sign Scorpio can pursue a goal unrelently and sometimes even ruthlessly, knowing the weak spot of his opponents and how to use that knowledge to his advantage.  Certainly Tony has demonstrated his skills in doing that. As an astrologer, as much as I’ve tried not to be too personally biased one way or the other, I have to confess to have found his tactics of constant attack and vilification of his opponents somewhat over the top and under the belt: a rather negative use of Scorpio’s psychological depth and powerful insight.

No one was surprised to find out that Tony Abbott’s Moon is in the fiery Sign of Aries, a direct and uncompromising position for the Moon, denoting a temperamemt fond of debates and arguments, sometimes brilliant, while often too impatience and lacking in forethought. It is the Moon in Aries, not the Sun in Scorpio that causes him to often say just what is passing in his mind at the time, without thinking of consequences or predictable criticism.

This Moon’s Sign also gives Tony Abbott leading abilities and the courage to stand for what he believes in. The positive side of this Moon’s Sign is its penchant for action, its quick response to situation and its independence. While a University student Abbott became an outspoken and confrontational opponent of left wings students organizations and workers’ unions, and also won awards as a boxer, pugilism being the perfect sport for head-strong  and combative Aries. This Cardinal fiery Moon makes the personality outgoing, impulsive and ambitious, but also somewhat insensitive and lacking in compassion. The position of Mars, Ruling Planet of both Scorpio and Aries, his Sun and Moon’s Signs, could help in this respect. Tony Abbott shares in fact the same Mars’ placement as Julia Gillard, their respective Mars being conjunct in Libra (Julia’s Mars on 28° 15′ and Tony on 26° 56′). Libra is actually an excellent Sign for diplomacy, enhancing sensitivity to the needs of other people and ability to cooperate, thus somewhat compensating for the Aries Moon’s lack of tact and headstrong, bossy attitude. Libra Mars and Jupiter guarantee a modicum of social graces and diplomatic skills that could help him greatly in his career.

Abbott and Gillard also share the same zodiacal position of Mercury, both born with the planet of intellect and communication in the shrewd Sign of Scorpio. However, while in Julia’s Birth Chart Mercury is removed from the Sun and in a different Sign, denoting the capacity to be objective and not too biased by her personal outlook or preferences, Abbott’s Mercury is instead very close to the Sun (what old astrologers used to call ‘combust’) and also in the same Sign as the Sun, often a symbol that it may be diffucult for him to extricate himself from his own personally tainted opinions, thus often becoming  biased and judgmental.

To add to the fixity of the Sun and Mercury Sign, both of them are in very close square aspect (90 degrees angle) with Uranus in Leo, another Fixed Sign. The square with the Sun in particular is exact to the minute of arc, fact that makes this aspect very powerful indeed, perhaps the most powerful of the whole Sunrise Chart. Generally speaking the contact Sun-Mercury-Uranus denotes a great degree of independence and an original if not eccentric or contrary outlook on life, also great determination and, negatively, an autocratic streak that, while it could help Abbott to get to top jobs in his life, could, as well, alienate him from others who also expect to be able to give voice to their own opinions. Uranus was the ancient Sky God, ancestor of all other Olympian Gods, so Uranian people tend to have a natural flare for leadership and often not a great respect or consideration for others’ points of view. On the positive side this birth transit will help him to take more risks and to display greater confidence in his own ability, always a plus for a political leader. His raise to the challenge during this elections’ campaign gives ample proof of this ability.

In Gillard’s Horoscope I stressed the emphasis on the earthy, reliable and conservative Capricorn, where her Saturn and Jupiter are placed in her Birth Chart. These, coupled with her Venus conjunct Pluto in Virgo, make her highly pragmatic, fond of responsibilities and a bit of a workaholic. Tony Abbott’s Saturn is found instead in the Fire Sign of Sagittarius, a placement that stresses his natural optimism and ability to overcome obstacles and setbacks with ease, but also denotes a degree of irresponsibility, with the juvenile tendency to promise more than he may be realistically able to deliver. The emphasis on Sagittarius, with Venus also in this Sign, explains Abbott’s interest in religious and philosophical matters, Sagittarius being traditionally the Sign of orthodox religion and philosophy. Not only he studied to become a catholic priest but also majored in philosophy and politics at Oxford.

As I wrote in my previous post in Julia’s case, without her birth time, we don’t know if a Fire Sign is on her Ascendant or Midheaven, otherwise she would lack Fire all together (a definite handicap for a leader who needs to inspire and fire up other people). In Tony’s case we are faced with the same predicament, concerning the Earth Signs instead. There are in fact no ‘personal’ planets in Earth Signs in his Sunrise Chart (meaning those celestial bodies, including Sun and Moon, laying within the orbit of Saturn). Unless, when his time of birth is finally revealed, an Earth Sign is found rising (on the Ascendant) or culminating (on the Mid-Heaven) there is a definite lack of Earth in his Birth Chart. In this case Tony Abbott wouldn’t be a natural realist, the under-emphasis on Earth Sign indicating lack of the caution, patience and practical abilities that are the birth rights of all Earth Signs. Before and after graduating in Law Tony Abbott pursued a journalistic career, one well suited to his adventurous and speculative temperament (abundance of Fire Sign, with Moon in Aries, Saturn and Venus in Sagittarius).

The two candidates seem to offer two very distinct world views, one Chart abounding in the very same Element the other is lacking!

Jupiter, planet of expansion and wisdom, was placed in Libra, the Sign of Law and Justice, hence his choice to graduate in Law and Economic. Jupiter however doesn’t form any major aspects with the other planets or the Luminaries in his Birth Chart while ruling Sagittarius, the Sign in which Venus and Saturn were placed, thus having a strong influence on them. As I explained above Sagittarius has a lot to do with his choice of study and career, and also with his well advertised love of competitive sports.

The placement of Venus in Sagittarius confirms all the above, especially the attraction for outdoors activities, also showing his need for emotional freedom in relationship. With the two feminine Planets, Moon and Venus, both in Fire Signs Abbott’s marriage partner has to be an independent and self-reliant woman too. Venus is in positive aspect to Mars (sextile), showing potential for popularity with both sexes, facility of expression and the ability to attract good luck.

The Australian Federal Elections are now only four days away. Just before sunrise on the day Mercury will turn Stationary Retrograde on the 19th degree of Virgo, beginning his regular three weeks retro period. This is not very good news because many activities, especially those involving writing and all forms of communication may be negatively affected by the retrogradation of Mercury, robbing people of clear choices and confusing issues rather than clarifying them. The worst scenario would be a hung parliament, when no political party can govern in its own right. The conjunction of Venus-Mars with Venus stronger in her own Sign could, on the other hand, help Julia Gillard’s feminine cause.

In the evening of the 21st another major transit will become exact, the last square (90 degree angle) between Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, an aspect that promises more collective upheavals and intense frustration in many areas and for many people all over the world. This transit will seat very close to Julia Gillard’s Sun degree, because Saturn is now approaching a conjunction to her Birth Sun, showing that, even if she was to win these elections outright, she will be facing difficulties and opposition in the coming weeks. The same powerful transit however may also be entangled with Abbott’s Moon Sign (how close depends on the unknown time of birth), showing the potential for serious emotional upheaval in his life too.

After so much controversies and contradicting news-polls, I can’t wait to see what will happen! Looking at the two leaders’ transits is not obvious who will win and, if anything Tony Abbott seems to have more positive transits on the day itself, while the Mars-Venus’ conjunction appears to play against his ambitions.

It will be a close call, Astrology agrees about this with the majority of political commentators.


The other day, musing about the Astrology of the upcoming elections while on a morning walk I tried to imagine myself as an astrological savvy employer,  looking for a new manager for my business. Between these two candidates to the top job I would have to choice Gillard over Abbott, even if I didn’t know them personally, but had only access to their Birth Charts. This is because Julia Gillard’s Sunrise Chart shows a diplomatic, reliable, practical and realistic individual, with an acute brain, strong work ethics and sense of duty. Tony Abbott’s Birth Chart shows, on the other hand, a brilliant individual, with leading ability, courage and inspiration, but not particularly practical or realistic, and perhaps too opinionated. I would also be concerned about the amount of Fire in his Chart and the prominent Sun-Mercury square Uranus, factors that, while enhancing his confidence, could involve him in many arguments and conflicts in the work place.


Please follow me in my next posts where I will discuss the transits active on the day of the Election relative to the Birth Charts of Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott and Bob Brown, leader of the Australian Greens. A draft is also nearly ready on a brief astrological profile of Bob Brown who may end up holding the balance of power in our next parliament.


  1. Fletcher Dale Says:

    Here are the birth details for the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, who recently overthrew the elected Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and called the Australian Election. Ms Gillard was born on September 29, 1961 at “noon” in Barry, Wales.
    The Time of Birth was given to Australian Astrologer Jill Amery by a friend of a friend of Julia Gillard’s Mother. Ms Gillard’s mother reportedly said “noon”. It provides a very good starting point for research.

    • livingmoonastrology Says:

      Hi, thank you for the information. I would need to be cautious about it however, because too often inaccurate information circulate when there is a demand. I will need some confirmation.
      This didn’t stop me from checking it out. I found that noon on that day in 1961 meant 11 am solar time, due to Summer Time. There is hope that saying noon this person meant noon on the clock and that they didn’t take the hour off themselves (as sometimes clients do without advising the astrologer). Noon summer time (= 11 am solar time) will put the Sun in the middle of the Tenth House and the last decan of Scorpio rising, but also Caput Algol, the evil star of Constellation Perseus on Julia Gillard’s Descendant (very dangerous enemies, ready to chop her head off, so to speak).
      Twenty two minutes after 12 pm the Ascendant will have moved into Sagittarius instead. Food for thought.
      Thanks again, Paola Emma

      • Arista Lightfoot Says:

        I picked her for a Scorpio Rising!
        Hooded eyes, pointy nose, gravelly voice!
        She’s a strategist and plays her cards close – sometimes too close.
        10 th house Sun also fits as does the threat of Caput!
        Abbot has met his match…and didn’t they admit to some kind of frisson between them, explained merely as intellectual sparring?!
        There’s more here than meets the eye.

  2. Body Workout 101 Says:


    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  3. Cade Says:

    What the hell are you smoking?

    • livingmoonastrology Says:

      Hi Cade, and what are you smoking? Your question is rhetorical, I suppose, but not very clear. You don’t even say which side you support.
      I have been pretty honest throughout about my own personal bias: i am not particularly fond of people who makes racist and sexist comments, who mocks climate change or republican ideals, and is all for making the exceedingly rich mining bosses a bit richer and groceries prices higher, while running throughout the dirtiest campaign we have seen in a long time. Sorry i can’t help that. If you don’t like my site it is not doctor’s order to read it.
      Or perhaps you would be the only individual in the whole world who is not (biased)?
      Your types of comments are really a waste of precious time for you and I, don’t you think? Yours and others’ future comments of this kind will not be published or replied to, my privilege, thanks to WordPress.
      Cheers, Paola Emma

  4. Swa Says:

    Hi Living Moon Astrology,

    I read your article above re: the federal elections.

    I studied the sunrise chart on for 21August 2010 and at the time, using the chart’s data and in a bid to end the confusion, that the electorates have been under, strongly felt that Tony Abbot and the Liberals would form government and found that Julia Gillard with the education portfolio in the Liberal Party would be the most beneficial result.

    I also think Kevin Rudd, both politically and astrologically is a better opposition leader with Labor.

    This was with background data on Julia’s and Kevin’s birth data. I did not know Tony’s Birth data then. Now, from your website I know.

    So, I think I’m still on the ball and the only change I would say was appropriate, is a withdrawal of Julia into the Liberal party and back as the opposition leader.

    But to form Government, the fixed Scorpio Sun and the Fixed Capricorn rulership of governments could mean agreements on the fundamentals, which is the key to the Lodge.

    What do you say?


    PS: The original note below ( it also had a chart to go with it, which is at

    Update from Saturday 21 August 2010

    Sunrise Chart

    Sidereal Natural House System.

    Sun is in 03 Leo 41 as per the sidereal calculations, the Sun has just entered the constellation of Leo, with Mercury also in Leo. This is in the 5th house of fun, creativity, children and affairs broadly.

    The 6th house is a power house of activity with Saturn, Mars and Venus all grouping together, but this is counter balanced by Jupiter, still in Pisces in the 12th House, retrograde. This is, to put it simply, a resting phase, mainly for Sagittarians and Pisceans and, by association, those who have partners or are in business with them, especially natives of Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius.

    So, the action is left up to Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo and their ruling planets, being Sun, Moon and Mercury. Interestingly, these are the signs that fall between June through to September, the winter months down under and the summer months up in the northern hemisphere. our chart concerns itself with the winter in the southern hemisphere and we examine here, what these natives are involved in, particularly, in the lead up to the spring equinox on 23 September 2010. 1

    These 4 signs come from 4 different elements, air, water, fire and earth respectively, but of quality, which has a specific meaning in astrology,the mutable quality out numbers the cardinal and fixed by two. Mutable signs are flexible and adaptable. 2

    Also, these three heavenly objects are all relatively fast moving,although the Sun is fixed as a star, it moves 1 degree every day through a constellation of 30 degrees, completing 360 degrees in one year.

    The Moon moves every two and a half days through each sign and Mercury also moves very fast. We find that the Moon is in Sagittarius conjunct the North Node of the Moon, and this event is important, for it signifies a passage through purpose, by emotions and feelings. If the question, “how do I feel about this?” has ever been important, in making a life changing decision, then these last few days have witnessed a truly important decision.The moon moves into Capricorn, signifying government, authority and the law. Interestingly, the federal election, although held on 21 August 2010, had no result that was straightforward, and the movement of the Moon through the North Node and on tells us why. This North Node is Sagittarius, the “sage”is about acting on intuition, or choosing a way based upon intuition, not facts, not more information and the “need to verify the truth”. The Truth is simply what it is, in all its black ,white, grey and color.

    The problem with leadership in this election has been the relevance of this truth to the “to do” list in everyday life. But this “to do” list has over-shadowed the heroism, courage and magnificence that Sagittarius, Capricorn and such other leaders are made of. Leadership is less about ticking the “to do” list’s checkboxes and more about flair, flamboyance, grandeur and making an impression that no one will forget. It is also about showmanship and NOT playing second fiddle to the task master. The leader will have courage to be who the leader is, a sagacious,all-assuming, regal hero who has the command to move through the next 3 years of primarily stability and strengthening the foundations that make this nation what it is: a hard working nation with strong roots in its relationship to the world and beyond.

    After studying the methods used in electional astrology by eminent astrologers (3) and taking a piece of my own good advise/ bad medicine, whichever suits you, there is one courageous attempt to put things where they make most sense, are most beneficial and most winsome for all concerned and that is, to elect the Liberal Party’s Tony Abbott as PM, and this will come as a big punt, but truly, it is the thing to try, Give Julia the education portfolio, in the Liberal party and let them work together, with Kevin Rudd as the opposition leader.

    Aside from oohs and aahs, this is a perfect idea for a perfect country and its perfect peoples, as far as the MC in Capricorn in concerned, with this election and its results geared to set forth stability and long term ruler-ship, most likely beyond the 3 year term.

    As for other areas of life, try a free short term horoscope forecast by experts at by entering your birth data.

    See you next month!


    1.2010 moon planting guide and astrological calendar

    2. Parker’s astrology

    3. The Federal Election 2007, Mitchell, Jonathan, The FAA journal,Vol 37 Number 4


    • livingmoonastrology Says:

      Hi Swa, thank you for your contribution to the debate. I’m afraid I cannot access the page you suggested because I am not a member of Face Book. I tried it for 24 hours and find it too time-consuming and intrusive.
      Your suggestions do not seem very realistic to me. Despite their astrological connections (same Mars’ Sign, same Mercury Sign, opposite-complementary Sun-Moon, etc.) I still don’t think Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott could work together that way.
      I am still believing that Gillard will form a minority government, and recent events seem to point in that direction too.
      Of course, it is too early to tell and I may as well be wrong. I don’t’ think Astrology is an unequivocal forecasting tool, and the differing opinions of many astrologers on the same topic are ample proof of this.
      I have made my choice after studying the Charts of all involved and of the relevant dates, but, in the end, it is always one’s own preference that veers the decision one way or the other.
      We’ll see. The news today announced that the outcome may not be known until sometimes next week; three of the Independents seem to be still undecided. Hopefully a decision will be made close or, even better, past the New Moon in Virgo (on September 8), so to give a better start to whomever will form the next Australian government.
      Cheers, Paola Emma

  5. Swa Says:

    Dear Paola Emma,

    Thank you for your reply.
    I suppose the new moon in Virgo did bode well for Julia, our new PM. I’m glad that you gave us an informative and well-researched article using all of the charts.
    I shall remember this link for future references.
    Thanking you,

  6. Astrology and Astro Gemology Mumbai India Says:

    Good one thanks for sharing. have a happy holday and happy newyear
    Astrogemology India

  7. Fletcher Says:

    Found this on Jessica Dams site
    Source for the time of birth in the Tony Abbott horoscope comes via Sydney astrologer Ed Tamplin: “Tony Abbott was born at 4 am in London, on November 4 1957“. World Predictions 2013. Ed Tamplin has explained to me that the time was found by a member of the AANSW, and confirmed to Ed by a student of his who had talked to an immediate family member of Tony Abbott.

  8. hal Says:

    First of all Tony Abbott is an Aries rising (A friend of mine who is an astrologer has a copy of his chart). Unfortunately he is now our prime minister. His star chart is totally irrelevant to his politics. He could be a Pisces with an Aquarius rising and Libra Moon and he would still be the same racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, union bashing neo conservative servant of the ruling class. While his personality (which has no redeeming features) fits his hyper martial star chart it is purely a coincidence. His personality has been shaped by his far right politics. Eric Abetz is a far right member of the Liberal Party and he is an Aquarius (they are the humanitarians of the zodiac) and the grim reaper Phillip Ruddock is a Pisces (they are the selfless compassionate ones) and they are just as nasty as Abbott. Scott Morrison the racist coward of an immigration minister is a Taurus (they are ruled by Venus and are sensual, and appreciative) and the paranoid of everyone who is not white Anglo Saxon Protestant, wealthy, and right wing Julie Bishop is a Cancer (they are the nurturers of the zodiac). All these people scapegoat refugees while letting the corporations run rampant over the working class. They all trample on indigenous people and they all have imperialist aspirations. Astrology does not determine a persons political persuasion or ambitions.

  9. Maxwell Downham Says:

    I’m not a ‘Zodiac atheist’. The right term is probably ‘agnostic’. I tend to agree with Hal on this one. I’m a Pisces, and to think that Phillip Ruddock shares any personal qualities I might have is an insult to my innate sense of spiritual order in the cosmos. We ‘humans’ range, as Benjamin Disraeli said, from apes to angels, and that applies to all Pisceans as well as the other eleven signs. There are factors in there that we’re apparently ignoring, which explains why not many people take astrology very seriously. What factors are missing? I don’t know. I’d be guessing. All I know is that the members of the present government would make a mockery of any theory of order when it comes to personality types. The Catholics in there may be good Catholics, but they crap Christians and crap human beings if, as the Prophet said, we may know them by their fruits. And boy, does this lot have some rotten fruit to flog us poor trusting idiots. I’d like to believe in democracy, but can’t because of the basket of crabs we make of it. I’d like to believe in Astrology, but can’t because of the humbug made of it. Hal’s right on the money: astrology does not determine a person’s political persuasion or ambitions. All it does at present is give us a vague set of guidelines that in the important areas are subverted by Sartre’s inauthentic people, by Goethe’s rejects from a higher civilisation, by Voltaire’s human duds quarantined in this cosmic lunatic asylum. If Abbott’s lot were good Christians (ie, following Christ, not the bullshit Church of St Paul that arose in his wake), than Hal and I would be less likely to push down our lower eyelid when told about these amazing things.

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