JUNE 26, 10.30 pm, Australian Eastern Time

Dear Readers, due to the number of people who have asked questions or sought advice about today Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, on comments or emails, I find myself short of time to answer everyone.  I will try my best to do so as soon as possible. I value your enquiries; they help me to assess better the personal impact of all important transits and lunations.

Let’s hope this powerful Eclipse will help to make us more aware of the deepest resources and talents available to us (Moon conjunct Pluto, Sun’s opposition) and of concrete ways of expressing them in the world (Capricorn-Cancer). The Mother (Cancer) and Father (Capricorn) Signs are highlighted here, the axis of parenthood and personal responsibility.

One thing that we all need to become more aware of is the destructive psychological impact of a negative, gloom and doom outlook on anything astrological, in particular Eclipses. The more we learn about them the more we will dispel the myth of their fatal impact on the world. Like all other astrological events Eclipses have their positive and negative connotations, and their effect on the life of any individual depends on many factors, the study of which is possible only through a proper Birth Chart.


  1. All Around the World News Says:

    MANY ENQUIRIES ON THE MOON ECLIPSE « living moon home…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. EH Says:

    Hi Paola Emma

    I’ve noticed a similar trend on my Blog with people landing there looking around for info on the eclipse- apparently many of these ‘hits’ for specific forecast(s).. I feel that this is in part the result of a sort of ‘Y2K’ panic syndrome, combined with a strong urging from what Jung would regard the Collective unconscious.

    Unfortunately, over time people appear to have lost (or forgotten) some of their own capacity to connect inwardly for answers to the sweeping changes with emerging events. It’s all good that we can use astrology as one tool for this. But I’m hoping that instead of each person wanting ‘their own personal’ answers (the Jupiter-Uranus-Aries impulse), that they step back and get a ‘feeling’ of what is going on now happening for everyone (Sun-Moon-Pluto-Cancer-Capricorn). The more that people will do this, the less will there be need for undue panic, anxiety, or loss of the inner center required to move forward in these times.

    Just my 5-cents-worth. And thank you for your heart-felt posting here! Cheers!


    • livingmoonastrology Says:

      Thank you EH Cazimi, I am not posting much these days. Much insight and personal brain storming is happening for me (a Jupiter in Aries person), but also many obstacles (lack of time, mainly, and lack of basic resources occasionally) in the way of communicating these insights and making theml fruitful (Saturn’s Return in Virgo).
      Ciao for now, best wishes for riding these transits with wisdom and knowledge, Paola

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