On June 7 Jupiter makes his first entrance into Aries. The Giant planet will return to Pisces in retro motion between September and December 2010, re-entering Aries in early 2011. The long-awaited conjunction to Uranus will occur on June 8, while the Moon in Aries has been activating the conjunction since June 6.

Jupiter is just separating from his historical opposition to Saturn (exact on May 23 and active throughout the year).

The next big transit of Jupiter, after the conjunction of Uranus, will be the square (90 degrees angle) to Pluto in Capricorn exact on July 25 and active, on and off, until early next year. And, of course, the ongoing opposition to Saturn. Under these peculiar astrological circumstances we can expect a marked acceleration in the pace of change, coupled or rivalled by an equally strong tendency to resist change. There is ground to believe that we will see more of the conflicts and upheavals we are already experiencing, each deciding our future direction as a collective in a big way.

It is easy to concentrate on the doom side of these powerful transits, but we shouldn’t forget that ahead of us, ending the waning cycle of Jupiter-Saturn that has just began, is the next conjunction of the two giants, exact in December 2020, on naught degree of Aquarius, a promise for better things to come and a more just and democratic world view in future decades.

More about Jupiter’s transits in the 2010 Forecast page, especially in this article. You can also find more about the Jupiter-Saturn’s opposition in this recent post.

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