MAY 28: the Full Moon in Sagittarius (Tropical Sign) can be seen conjunct Antares, alpha Star of Scorpio Constellation.

The snapshot below shows this conjunction and was taken looking toward the East, around 6 pm.




  1. Maru Says:

    Hello again from Mexico! I do enjoy your blog so much. I find things I never imagined they would exist. Now, I would like to suggest you build a natal chart for the new Dauphin of France, who was born in May 28, 2010, Prince Louis at 9:33 am in NYC (local time) and his twin brother at 9:38 am, Prince Alphonse. This is a super extraordinary event. The babies are descendants of King Louis XIV, The Sun King. Their father is Louis Alphonse de Bourbon, rightful King of France, that is, Louis XX. Thanks

    • livingmoonastrology Says:

      Hi Maru, sorry for the delay in answering; I have been extra busy.
      I am interested to cast the Charts of these royal twins, given that the birth data of some of their famous ancestors are also available, for comparison.
      Just give me some time to reply to you with some information about what I have found out.
      Thank you for your appreciation, ciao for now, Paola Emma

  2. Maru Says:

    Do no worry Paola Emma! I can imagine how busy you are. I do thank you for taking the time to reply.
    Taking advantage of the opportunity. Is there any meaning that at this moment, when the Summer Solstice (for us in the Northern Hemisphere) or the Winter Solstice (for the people in the Southern one) is taking place that we have the Moon in Via Combusta? As you can tell, I know nothing about Astrology, it is only recently that I became interested in this ancient art. Thank you so much. A presto!

    • livingmoonastrology Says:

      A presto Maru. I am posting today something more about the Cancer Solstice Chart, the same that finds the Moon in Via Combusta.
      Two sites where you can find a definition of this term are:
      Ciao, Paola Emma

      • Maru Says:

        Wow! Thank you so much. I am copying this great information and I am getting some time for myself so I can enjoy this in full slowly as a treat!!!
        Blessed Litha!!!

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