Today, March 26 2010, the Sun has reached the fifth degree of Aries and  is now exactly 90 degrees away from Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun is advancing toward the opposition to Pluto, that will become exact around the Cancer Solstice (June 26). This is the reason why we call this a waxing square, comparable with the outer conflicts that take place around the time of the First Quarter Moon, a week before the Full Moon.

This is a very active angle (waxing and between Cardinal Signs), when core issues (Pluto) will surface to consciousness (Sun) and should be confronted with zest and courage  (Aries).

It is important how we handle this energy now, because a full on confrontation is in the cards in June. We should start to know better our enemies, those inner demons that we find so difficult to acknowledge and too often project onto other people or onto situations external to ourselves. A rediness to change, to look deeper into one’s own contribution to life unending problems is the beginning of a more honest and fulfilling life. Those demons then can become resources of power to be more effective and more true to ourselves in our work and relationships.

The fresh impulse of the Aries Sun has been checked by the heaviness of the past, of those obsolete structures of which we have become slaves, trapped in an underworld of unspoken and destructive feelings (Pluto in Capricorn). The Sun rays, with their well-known healing power, can today shine a bright light on what has been festering unheeded in our psychic underworld. Resentment, repressed anger, jealousies, regrets we haven’t been able to face, confrontation with one’s own meanness and egotism are some of the challenges this angle entails.


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