Picasso’s ‘Girl before a Mirror’

Continuing my study of the Chilean massive earthquake I have found some uncanny similarities between the Charts of this event and the Chart of the recent (January 12) Haiti’s disaster. Below are the Charts for the two events side by side, with their respective aspects and also their mutual aspects.

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One similarity I have already discussed in my previous post, regards the positions of the Lunar Nodes, aligned to the Horizon in both localities at the time of the earthquakes: the Cancer South Node was rising near the Ascendant in Haiti, and setting near the Descendant in Chile. The opposite, of course, was true of the Capricorn North Node, rising in Chile and setting in Haiti. The difference here is that the North Node was also conjunct the Sun in Haiti, due to the closeness to the Solar Eclipse, which occurred only three days later, while in Chile the Nodes are closer to the Ascendant/Descendant axis. In both Charts however the prominent positions of the Nodes shows a strong link with the recent Eclipses (Lunar, on December 31, 2009, and Solar, on January 15, 2010). The Nodes reversed positions imply that the Ascendant-Descendant Signs are also mirroring each other.

And if this wasn’t enough of a coincidence, this mirror-image effect is then repeated in other ways: Saturn for a start, was conjunct the Mid-Heaven at the time of the Chile’s event and the Lower-Heaven during the Haiti’s earthquake, opposite and complementary Angles, implying that the Meridian axis was also mirrored from one Chart to the other: Aries was on the Mid-Heaven in Haiti and on the Lower-Heaven in Chile.The most remarkable thing here is that such positions last only a few minutes, in any given place, during the 24 hours rotation of the Earth on her axis!

Continuing with Saturn, this planet’s  important square aspect to transiting Pluto was closer to exactness during the Haiti’s event, active within one degree (0°56′, to be precise), while was separated by 02° during the Chile’s earthquake, therefore not as strong and destructive.

Talking about Pluto, this planet too occupies opposite and complementary places in the two Horoscopes, in the Sixth House in Haiti and the Twelfth in Chile. Very remarkable, both sectors traditionally considered particularly karmic in any Horoscope.

I also noticed that Mercury plays the part of the activator (role that befits the messenger of the Gods really well) in both the Haiti and Chile’s Horoscopes: in Haiti is closely conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and therefore in square to Saturn in Libra; while in Chile it is very close conjunct Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius and widely opposed by the Moon in Leo.

Another thing that can be considered remarkable is that the Sun during the day of the Haiti’s earthquake happened to be conjunct Venus in Capricorn, while it was conjunct Jupiter in Pisces during the Chilean event. So much so for the blissful and fortunate transits of the two traditional ‘Benefics’! Venus was also in aspect to Uranus in both Charts, sextile Uranus in Haiti and applying conjunct Uranus in Chile.

2 Responses to “CHILE and HAITI, MIRROR IMAGES of TWO EARTHQUAKES, post 3”

  1. jed Says:

    My curiosity stems from the noting how close to the full moon both earthquakes appeared and using a simple right angle from the equator I noticed that Haiti and Chile were almost exactly north south of each other depending on the maps used. I have a movie I wish to do about the geo destabilization of our planet and feel this lunar relationship has and will play a strong factor in this shifting. Please feel free to offer whatever input you might add to my theory. My sources I hope will come from many directions before completing my script. Thank you

    • livingmoonastrology Says:

      Hi Jed, thank you for your imput. I’ll get back to you when I find some time to look this up. Fascinating stuff indeed.
      I am extremely interested in the astrological aspect of natural disasters. Astrology never ever failed to tell me her side of the story for the big events I studied.
      Great to get a comment, after a long wait. Start blogging and keep your passion for knowledge alive. Ciao, Paola Emma

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