Chile’s Earthquake, February 27, 2010, 03.34 am, calculated for the epicentre’s coordinates

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The Chilean earthquake occurred the day before the Full Moon (at around 3.34 am, local Day Light Saving Time, on February 27, while the Moon became Full at 1.37 pm, the next day, February 28, 2010).

The death toll has risen, at the time of writing (Monday morning, Eastern Australian Time) to over 700, but many more people remain unaccounted for. It will take years to repair the widespread destruction of buildings and infrastructures.

This earthquake seems to confirm one of our ancient astrological tenets: that the phases of the Moon are linked to many phenomena on our blue planet, including the inception of powerful earth tremors. Many authors dispute in fact that it is not just Eclipses (always occurring either at New or Full Moon) that seem to trigger earthquakes (as in the case of the Haiti’s disaster), but also the common phases often bear the signatures of natural disasters, if other transits occurring around the time of the phase, concur with this possibility.This is the case for Chile, due to the planetary alignments (conjunctions) that happened on the same day: Mercury-Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius, and the Sun-Jupiter in Pisces.

All these Planets and the Sun were positioned in the midnight House of Chile’s Birth Chart, exerting a powerful pull on Chile from under the earth and sea, the Midnight or Fourth House indicating all that is below the earth and hidden from view. The approaching Full Moon has augmented even more the power of the planetary alignment during this 8.8 magnitude event, one of the most powerful ever recorded.

Below is the Earthquake’s Chart super-imposed on Chile’s Birth Chart (Independence from Spain, September 18, 1810, 09.26 am, Santiago).

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Notice how Pluto, at 05 degrees Capricorn, is forming a 90 degrees right angle with Chile Birth Chart’s Lunar Nodes, the axis of destiny in every chart. Pluto is often the harbinger of upheavals of all sorts, and sometimes mass deaths. And also how the transiting Moon in Leo has just past the Upper Meridian of the earthquake’s zone, the most elevated point at that latitude, this time of the year. The Moon then becomes very powerful, waxing near full, and the most elevated body in Chile’s Horoscope. The Moon rules Cancer that, in Chile’s Birth Chart, occupies the Eighth House of loss and death, the sector corresponding to Scorpio and Pluto.

As you can see the natal (Birth Chart) Moon of Chile was conjunct Jupiter. I find it very interesting that both the Moon and Jupiter were very active in transit at the time of the earthquake, as if their effect combined were part of the destiny of Chile. Jupiter is, after all, the Ruling Planet of Chile’s Birth Chart, with its Ascendant in Sagittarius. The Moon conjunct Jupiter becomes therefore a sort of co-ruler. Their combined power is a destiny maker for Chile.

The closest aspect (0 degree orb) is a trine between the transiting Jupiter in Pisces and Chiles’ Birth Venus in Scorpio (conjunct Uranus in the XII House), showing how there is no difference really between the traditionally positive and negative aspects, an angle with Jupiter always representing a tendency to expand and make everything bigger, for good or ill. The position of Venus and Uranus in the House of self-undoing (in Chile’s Birth Chart) indicates the tendency to be driven by events over which we have no conscious control. It is a very fated position and Jupiter acted like a trigger to activated it, in a sudden and explosive way (Uranus is also in the picture here in a big way, even if the aspect with Jupiter is not exact yet, because Venus works as a go-between them). Jupiter is also in square aspect to Chile’s Saturn in Sagittarius, a powerful applying aspect, between Angular Houses, the most active in any Horoscope. The importance of Saturn (the Earth Planet par excellence) is also undeniable in Chile’s Chart because is rising close to the Ascendant, covering even more ground because of its conjunction to Neptune (the Sea Planet).

There are many more close hits:

Transiting Uranus in Pisces was only 35 minutes in longitude past the opposition with Chile Birth Chart’s Sun in Virgo, an aspect that can occur only once in 84 years! Uranus is well-known for its destructive streak and the tendency to bring changes into our lives, to the willing and the unwilling alike. Applied to a National Chart this transit could bring about a revolution of some kind and the end of a stagnant and unproductive period.

The transiting Nodes are in semi-square and sesqui-square respectively to Chile’s Ascendant in Sagittarius and Mercury in Libra; these transits too are quite exact at the time of the earthquake, another signature for a destiny making moment for this nation.

Transiting Mars sextile (60 degrees distance) to Chile’s Jupiter and sesqui-square Chile’s Pluto; while Mercury was opposing Mars, on Chile’s Meridian axis!

One thing that impressed me in the Earthquake Chart itself is the fact that the Capricorn North Node of the Moon (squared by the transiting Pluto) is rising near the horizon at the time of the tremor, while the Cancer South Node is setting, the reversed picture of what occurred at the recent Haiti’s earthquake, when the South Node was rising just below the Ascendant, and the North Node was setting! If interested, below are links to the four posts I wrote for Haiti:

More about the Chile’s Earthquake Chart in my next post.

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