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While the crisis in Haiti deepens, in this second post I would like to look further into the Astrology of this earthquake, the worst natural disaster in Haiti for the last 240 years.

1) First I’ll plot the Earthquake Horoscope over the Birth Chart of Haiti (January 1, 1804, Independence Day).

2) Secondly I’ll plot the January 2010 Lunar and Solar Eclipses on the Haiti’s Birth Chart, because they certainly have a lot to do with the January 12 earthquake.

3) Thirdly, I will consider the nature of these Eclipses, as it is revealed by their Saros series’ numbers which link them to past Eclipses, throwing an uncanny light on the event they have manifested in our time.


The Birth Chart that most astrologers adopt for Haiti is the one coinciding with the Republic’s independence from French colonization, in 1804.

Haiti was declared an independent Republic on the First of January 1804. The Time chosen is symbolical and it doesn’t coincide with a specific event, like a ceremony, an official opening or declaration, or even a speech. This Midnight Chart works really well with the Transits I have considered, as other astrologers have also found out.

Below is Haiti’s Midnight Horoscope.



Here is the Earthquake’s Chart (January 12, 2010, 4.53 pm), cast for the coordinates of Haiti.


And here is the Synastry of the two Charts.





When we compare the Horoscope of the moment the quake struck on January 12 with the Birth Chart of Haiti a clearer picture of the event seems to emerge. The are many signs that this is an important period in the growth of Haiti as an independent nation. The most obvious is the fact that Saturn, powerful in its retro station (that period when the planet slows down to a stand still, before starting to move backward in apparent motion) is actually sitting on top of Haiti’s own Saturn. So the earthquake was a sort of coming of age for Haiti, a proper Saturn’s Return! And, considering the position and aspect of Saturn in Haiti’s Birth Chart this is not a cruisy Saturn’s Return, but a rather difficult one (Saturn conjunct the Midnight point at birth, and in square, difficult angle, with both Mars and Chiron in the Birth Chart and also Pluto, Mercury, the Sun and MidHeaven in the Transits Charts). The 90 degrees angle with Chiron, the Planet of accidental wounding, was in fact absolutely exact on the day of the disaster.

A Return of Saturn occurs only once every thirty years, so a simple coincidence can be safely ruled out. Also Saturn is a very significant force in Haiti’s Chart and in the Earthquake Chart because it rules Capricorn where Sun and four Planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron) were aligned at Haiti’s birth and where another great alignment is happening now (Mercury, Venus, Pluto, North Node and also the Moon the day of the Solar Eclipse, January 15). Amazing stuff!

Once we remember also that Saturn is lodged on the Midnight point in Haiti’s Birth Chart and in the Twelfth House in the Transits Chart, we can better visualize the powerful fate entailed in these cosmic events. The fact that this is just the second pass of the Saturn’s Return for Haiti (the first pass occurred in December 2009 and the second will be exact only at the end of August 2010) we can also see the repercussions of the present events on the country’s future. Other Transits indicating that the present situation is but the beginning of an ongoing process are those of Mars, because this Planet has also recently become retrograde and will re-form the same difficult Transits, on-off, until June 2010.

What is also very impressive in the Synastry between Haiti and the Earthquake’s Charts is the sheer number of nearly precise (partile) aspects happening on the day. I just list some of those again, in order of closeness, the closest one first:

Tr. Mars sextile Natal Uranus.

Tr. Saturn square Natal Chiron.

Tr. Midheaven square Natal Midheaven.

Tr. Neptune square natal Neptune.

Tr. Midheaven opposition Natal Ascendant.

Tr. Pluto square Natal Saturn.

Tr. Neptune semi-square Natal Sun.

Tr. Mercury sextile Natal Pluto.

Tr. North Node semi-square Natal Pluto, while Tr. South Node is sesqui-square the same.

Tr. Pluto conjunct Natal Mars.

Tr. MidHeaven square Natal Sun.

Tr. Jupiter opposition Natal Moon.

Tr. Chiron semi-square Natal Sun.

Tr. Neptune sesqui-square Natal Ascendant.

Tr. Pluto conjunct Natal Chiron.

Tr. Saturn conjunct Natal Saturn (Return).

Tr.Mars conjunct Natal South Node

(rising in the Earthquake’s Chart).

Tr. Ascendant square Natal Uranus.



The meaningful connections become even more overwhelming when we study the interaction of the first Lunar and Solar Eclipses of 2010 with the Birth Chart of Haiti. Arranging the three wheels together their uncanny similarities becomes immediately apparent.

In the picture below Haiti Birth Chart is the inner wheel, the Lunar Eclipse (January 1, 2010) is the second wheel, the Earthquake is the third wheel, and the Solar Eclipse (January 15) the outer wheel. For an in-depth reading of these, please check my next post.

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