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******Haiti Earthquake

Today our hearts and thoughts fly to Haiti, a country cruelly devastated and in mourning. At the time of writing the death toll might add up to many thousands; while many others are grievously injured, psychologically traumatized and homeless.

In the face of such disasters we feel united and willing to help.

One way, for me, to come to term with such cruel blows of nature is to look at the astrological picture, because that provides me with a bird eye view of the situation that I would find otherwise difficult to obtain.

Astrologers have speculated for centuries about the planetary signatures and transits configurations that should point to earthquakes. As it is the habit of busy western thinkers, we have sought common denominators and recognizable patterns in those events. Articles and entire books have been written to establish proper astrological rules for earthquakes and other natural disasters. But, like people, earthquakes are individuals, each different from the other, each manifesting a different type of energy.

In my experience of looking at Earthquakes and Natural Disasters’ Charts the subjective feeling these Charts arise in me are archetypally right, even if often the Charts themselves don’t seem to strictly  adhere to the traditionally accepted rules. This one, I have to say, does both things: it feels right symbolically and also seem to confirm some of the traditional rules.

The Birth Chart of the event itself (the transits occurring at the precise moment and place) is necessary, of course, but it not sufficient to explain these phenomena astrologically. What mundane astrologers do as well is to plot the transits active at the moment of the earthquake around the Birth Chart of the place where the disaster occurred, and also connect the event with other astronomical events occurring around the same time, like Sun and Planets’ ingresses (entrance into new Signs), Lunations (Moon’s Phases) and especially Eclipses.

This quake, the biggest seismic event in Haiti since 1770, struck very close to the capital Port-au-Prince.

Below is the Horoscope of the event itself:

Haiti’s earthquake, January 12, 4,43 pm.





One of the most noticeable feature of this Horoscope is the position of the South Node of the Moon in the First House, the outward expression of that particular moment in time. This Lunar Node has to do with the karmic link that connect us to the past (of an individual or a country or community). The past then is powerful in the deployment of this Horoscope planetary energies. If this was a person’s Birth Chart we could say that the past is a vital ingredient in the person’s experience of life; a sense of destiny, often seen as negative karma, permeating his/her personality.

The Node in this prominent position also reminds us of the proximity of the Annular Solar Eclipse that will occur on New Moon day, January 15, 2010, only three days after the event. The Eclipse then is certainly astrologically linked to the Earthquake in Haiti. This confirms an ancient tenet of Astrology that connects Eclipses to natural disasters and earthquakes in particular.

The Cancer Ascendant is conjunct two major asterisms. The first is Sirius, the Great Dog at the heels of the hunter Orion, the most brilliant of all stars, with the power of making the mundane sacred. This star also entails the need for sacrificing individual needs to meet collective ones. The other star conjunct the Earthquake’s Ascendant is Canopus, the skipper of Argo Navis, the mythical ship which bore Theseus and his companions when they went in search of the Golden Fleece. It is a symbol of guidance,  an escort through life’s troubled waters, a path finder and innovator. In Egypt he was the one who steered the boat of the dead to their final destination.

Saturn, Lord of karma, a planet that should be powerful in times of collective suffering, is situated in another prominent position, conjunct the Midnight point of the Horoscope, exerting a strong pull from within the world’s psyche in that particular locality. To make this pull more powerful and, considering the nature of the event, more ominous, Saturn is in square (difficult angle) to Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn. The square with Pluto is one of most difficult affecting our world in the first half of 2010, suggesting great resistance to the radical changes Pluto in Capricorn is preparing for us. The stress of this aspect will definitely manifest in many concrete forms; an earthquake is just one of them. Mercury, also part of this picture, due to its conjunction to Pluto, acts as a sort of activator here, precipitating and accelerating events.

Pluto and Mercury are placed in the Sixth House in the Earthquake’s Chart, affecting Haiti’s health and its ability to heal itself; also its medical institutions, hospitals, clinics, medical supplies, doctors and nurses, and places of work. The position of this conjunction and its 90 degrees distance from Saturn indicates, in the face of this earthquake, not only death (Pluto) and the loss of many children (Mercury), but also disease and poverty, destruction of work-places, death of workers, destruction of many animals. It particularly describes the necessity for sacrifice and very hard work, for resourcefulness and courage.

Mercury here also suggests the intense broadcasting of this terrible event, via the net and all other media, making it into a very public darkly affair, arousing profound thoughts, thoughts of death and deep felt understanding.

Anticipating here an observation from my next post (that will deal with the effect of the earthquake and the eclipse on the Country Chart of Haiti) this Saturn-Mercury-Pluto connection becomes even more significant because transiting Pluto is conjunct Haiti’s Mars and Chiron, and transiting Saturn is conjunct (!!!) Haiti’s own Saturn. To add to this, transiting retro Mars is conjunct Haiti’s South Node (the karmic past again), one of the country’s eclipses’ point.

The Sun is conjunct Venus on the day, a traditionally positive aspects (perhaps it could have been even worse without this mild conjunction!). Both Sun and Venus are conjunct the North Node of the Moon (the Eclipse’s point) and in aspect to Uranus; while Uranus is also in aspect to the Nodes. All of this seems to indicate the possibility of sudden and unexpected events, unpredictability and suddenness being interwoven in the destiny of this day and moment (the Lunar Nodes).

Taken by itself this Chart is not better or worse than another cast around this astrological period. An earthquake prediction for this locality could have been hardly possible just by studying this Chart.

The possibility of major earthquakes is instead more compelling when we look at the Chart of the coming Annular Eclipse of the Sun, principally because of the heavy alignments of Planets all on one side of the Earth’s Horoscope, between the consecutive Signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces (Mercury, Pluto, Moon, Venus, the Sun, Chiron, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus), leaving only Saturn and Mars, traditional malefics, away from the alignment. The gravitational pull on planet Earth would be humongous at the moment, the Solar Eclipse (further alignment of Sun, Earth and Moon) making it even more so. Earth Sign strong during an Eclipse are also traditionally considered more likely to manifest in earth’s tremors and major seismic activities.

Below is the Eclipse Chart, relocated in Haiti, on:

January 15, 2010, 02.11 am






Apart from the Moon’s position and the Solar Eclipse not much has changed in this Horoscope compared to the one cast for the exact moment of the Earthquake. Due to the fact that it is a different time of the day (early morning and not sunset) the Chart orientation to the cosmos (Houses) is however very different. Scorpio is rising in Haiti’s Eclipse Horoscope, making Mars retrograde in Leo the Ruling Planet of this Chart. This Mars is not forming any aspect at all, not a good sign in Astrology, because a Planet without aspects is supposedly somehow alienated from the rest of the solar family, often working alone as a free agent. Mars in this predicament could act with unassuaged violence, not having any other influence to attenuate the aggressive side of its nature.

Lacking planetary aspects Mars is instead connected with two Fixed Stars (sidereal constellations), being conjunct the Star Dubhe, alpha of the Great Bear constellation, a traditionally protective influence, also conveying however ‘the possible harshness of Mother Nature’ (according to Solar Fire Gold Fixed Stars’ Readings). Mars is also in Parallel of Declination with the Star Zosma, delta of constellation Leo, an asterism associated with victims and victimization.

The Scorpio Ascendant forms a Grand Trine with the North Node and Uranus, a configuration deemed sometimes ominous, especially in Mundane Charts, and particularly so during an Eclipse event. Like in the previous event Horoscope Uranus, Planet of sudden changes and upheaval, acquires power because of this connection with the Lunar Nodes and here also with the Ascendant.

In the Eclipse Chart the important place that was occupied by Saturn in the Earthquake Chart, the Midnight Point, is now taken by Jupiter on the last degree of Aquarius. A strong pull from the interior of the Earth (what the Midnight point, IC or cusp of the Fourth House represents in Astrology) is here exerted by Jupiter, the giant Planet of the Solar System, one of the traditional catalysts when it comes to natural disasters. Neptune and Chiron are also very close to the same point, adding their own gravitational pull to that of Jupiter.

More general information about the January Lunar and Solar Eclipses can also be found in my previous posts (Lunar, January 1Solar, January 15).



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    My name is Piter Jankovich. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

    • livingmoonastrology Says:

      Hi Piter, your English is ok, don’t worry. I am an Italian living in Australia and I know all about struggling with a new language.
      Well, to answer your question, Astrology was never just a hobby for me, more like a passion that kept on growing through the years. At one point however, around the age of 36, I realized that I was spending practically all my spare time either reading people’s Charts or studying something astrological. It became then a necessity to make Astrology more into a career.
      I live however in the country and practice in a small village where I also run Fortuna, my own recycled bookshop. Certainly I put more effort into my Astrology than the financial return would warrant. I get however great satisfaction particularly from teaching and writing. The net (I started my blog only last October) has given me, as many others, a unique opportunity to contact a wider audience and perhaps make my passion into a more viable career. I am not in a hurry: like selling books and caring for them is something I will hopefully be able to do even in my old age, so is Astrology.
      Thank you for your encouragement. You can subscribe freely to my site and receive via email my new posts as I publish them.
      Have a great Full Moon day, ciao, Paola Emma

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