Like 2009, 2010 also begins with Eclipses, the first, a Partial Lunar at the Full Moon in Cancer, falling just on the first day of the year, promising an eventful and emotional time for our world. The second will be an Annular Solar Eclipse, at New Moon in Capricorn, on January 15.

The Cancer Lunar Eclipse is a Partial one and will not be obviously observable, but only with scientific instruments we will be able to measure the decrease in Moon light. Only 7% of the Moon’s disk will be in fact darkened by the Earth’s shadow.

This Eclipse will cover countries in the East and Far East: India, Nepal, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Singapore, Bangladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. It will just touch the tip of south-western Australia.

The Cardinal Signs will be the ones who could feel the effect of this Lunar Eclipse more keenly, in particular Cancer born July 1 to 3, Capricorn born December 31 to January 2, Aries born March 30 to April 1, and Libra born October 2 to 4. Or anyone with a personal planet (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) or one of the four Angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Mid-Heaven and Lower-Heaven) between the ninth and eleventh degree of the Cardinal Signs.

Every Full Moon is a climax of some sort, when we become more aware of what is happening in our life, for good or ill. They are often emotionally charged events but also opportunities to see more fully where we stand and the road that brought us here. After receiving the Full Moon illumination we will feel more ready to absorb the message of the present cycle during the waning fortnight.

During this Eclipse the Sun will be conjunct Venus and the Moon will oppose it, enhancing the power of this phenomenon over our relationships, love life and value system. Both Sun and Moon will also be in aspect to Neptune in Aquarius (semi-square and sesqui-square respectively) causing some confusion and the potential for being deceived by appearances or first impressions. Venus is itself separating however from a conjunction to Pluto that has made this week an intense one for many, again mainly in the area of relationships. A lot of deep soul searching will accompany this Full Moon, the Pluto effect helping us to remain truthful to ourselves and to spot more easily deceptive situations or people. Any ambivalence produced by the Neptune’s transits will find strong resistance in the Pluto’s transits. We cannot forget also that the all important Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn is very close to both Eclipses (dates of the exact transit: November 16 2009; February 1 and August 21, 2010), exerting a powerful influence on the whole first half of 2010. This is very much a collective karmic aspect, helping us to confront issues we seldom like to dwell on, because they are too difficult and painful to contemplate: a reality check on a grand scale.

The retrogradation and therefore slow motion of both Mercury and Mars during the Eclipse shows that communication problems and recurring confrontations could make this emotional time more trying, especially for Capricorn and Leo people, unfinished business resurfacing in your life and demanding to be addressed at this time.

For more information and insight about current and future Transits, please refer to my 2010 posts in the Articles pages.

The next Eclipse is a Solar, Annular one, originating in Africa (Uganda), and passing through the Middle East, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and end at China’s borders. This will be a more important astronomical event because of the Eclipse duration, the longest Annular Eclipse of the century (as the Eclipse of July 2009 was the longest lasting total eclipse).

The Solar Eclipse will enter and exit India at the sacred Hindu site of Dhanushkodi, an important place of pilgrimage since ancient time, marking the mythical spot where the Monkey God Hanuman, liege of Lord Rama, built a bridge across the narrow strait between India and Sri Lanka, to rescue Sita from the demon king Ravana. On this spot still stand the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to Sita and Rama. Pilgrims bathe for purification in the sea here, where the waters of the Bay of Bengal in the west mingle with the Pacific Ocean in the east. The place is also known as Adam’s Bridge, a British colonial name. It was one of the worst afflicted localities during a powerful cyclone that hit the south of India just before Christmas in 1964. An entire village was wiped out and many historical building lost for ever in the sand, an eerie reminder of life’s unpredictability to present visitors to the sacred site. The government of Madras has declared the place a ‘ghost town’, only few fishermen huts are now standing where life used to thrive before.

Dhanushkodi today

More about the January 15 Solar Eclipse in one of my next posts.

For more information about both Eclipses please click on the following links, from Wikipedia and Nasa:,_2010

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